I have a ton of suggestions for pranking.

1. Shout AAAAAAAAA! at your mum/mom.

2. Throw a bucket of water at someone.

3. Say to your mum/dad they dropped something, and when they turn around to get it, say they didn't drop anything.

4. Scream at anyone. You will most likely get spanked.

5. Wait for someone to sit down, and then before they do, move the chair.

6. Drop an empty bucket. The guy you're aiming will most likely throw it at you.

7. Push someone over.

8. Tell someone:

Chris Brown just dyed.. Are you serious?! His hair black.

9. Go to a shop with someone, and whenever they get something, shout They stealing!.

10. Say to your mum (if she's scared of bugs) that bugs are following you.

11. If your sister is playing with your BB gun, light fireworks.

12. Knock on a random hotel door when walking with your mum.

13. Ask someone what IDC stands for, and when say I don't care, say you care.

14. Windex-Gatoride prank.

15. Duck-walk.

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