Hello, animatronics and bears, The Glitch here, and I have come up as a founder of a group called: The Rewarders of Awesomeness (And Trolling)! Basically what this group does is when they do something that catches our eye (Reminder: Does NOT involve breaking rules), those people will be rewarded with one of our (made up) awards!!! This was started when 5 children were involved in "The Prank of '15." I have decided that in reward to those five children (or teenagers, I am not a walking mind reader), they will be given the Troller Prank Award, and have the prank posted on Trollpasta wiki! So thats how the system normally works! If its awesome or trolly, their contributions will be immediatly be put into a story and on teh Trollpasta wiki (if possible)! Alright, bunnies and chickens and foxes and puppets and balloon boys and hallucinations and broken-down animatronics, that wraps up teh blog. GLITCH OUT! *Shuts down

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