Theory 1: If the Phone Guy in FN@F 2 liked Foxy the Pirate, and if he was Purple Guy, couldn't he have admired the hook from Foxy because it was a deadly weapon?

Theory 2: Phone Guy was very scared at Night 6 when he learned that the Golden Freddy suit was used, and none of them "were acting right." But then he mentioned he might take over Jeremy's job as a night guard, even by the tone of his voice he was scared. Could he have tried to hide his fear that he was the Purple Guy and was about to be killed by the haunted animatronics?

Theory 3: It is a little impossible that the old animatronics in FN@F 2 can be in FN@F 1. Could this mean that someone created replicas of the old animatronics that are better?

I will be adding more theories soon!

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