These are the characters for my new book Shadows.

Maya Chalk-age 10

Carlton Chalk-age 37

Etta Chalk-age 34

Jack Lane-deceased but would be 10

Richard Lane-age 46

Robert Lane-age 3

Monica Lane-age 39

William Afton-age 45

Carter Kowalski-age 10

Betty Kowalski-age 30

John Kowalski-age 33

Beatrice Atkinson-age 30

Pauline Atkinson-age 10

Erica Atkinson-age 2

Lorraine Atkinson-age 4

Peter Atkinson-age 31

Tommy Winter-age 10

Lydia Winter-age 40

Della Winter-age 15

Booker Winter-age 43

Kara Danielson-age 10

Billy Danielson-age 10

Ronald Danielson-age 4

Frederick Danielson-age 39

Patricia Danielson-age 38

Comment who your favorite character is and maybe create one of your own-I may use them in the story.

Peace out.

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