• GhastlyOwl

    Hey everyone, this is Casperowl. Me and another user (known as SunsetBlaze) are working on a fanmade FNaF4. FNaF4 is just a plaeholder title, it is not the official name. I've decided to tell you some progress on the game-such as teasers. And some inside scoop on what will be happening and what you can see.

    • The first teaser we ever released was when the placeholder name was still FNaF3. The teaser featured Puppet the Pegasus, a new animatronic that will be featured in the game. The teaser can be found on Sunset's deviantart, RainbowGravityPony, but I have seen the teaser posted other places aswell. On the teaser is a quote, allegedly from Phone Guy saying "There were other animatronics before Freddy and them, they were scrapped, basically d…

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