(Usually I don't make songs, but I made this one and I practiced singing this one. So, here I post it from my notebook.)

They forgot me for 30 years or so, you thought you could survive so easily, but you're too slow. I've been thinking,"What is the meaning of life?". You need to give me an answer, or you'll give such delight. TO KILL. *electric guitar solo*

You thought this place was a kid's playground. But, you gotta race for life. You see, I'm not the one to be considered a toy. Nobody is allowed to play with me. BUT YOU CAN. *second electric guitar solo*

With your keen sight, you always try to avoid me. But, the light won't ever reveal. I'm supposed to be your friend, but instead I cause you fright. *short electric guitar solo*

The only reason I scare, is because the rules aren't being followed. My ghostly companions, all come together. To try and get you to be our friend! But you won't ever accept the end!

You say, life has a good ending. Then, a bad ending. Which one is the best choice? Both. But, in my opinion, I say, the bad ending. It's the only way in life, to get you to be our friend.

  • piano solo*

30 years, of decaying, nobody ever bothered to repair me. You're always here, here for me, but why won't you ever fix thee? I bet you, don't have a heart. For the helpless. Basically, a heart not for me. I see.... I'll be drooling your blood!


(I only put that ogg file there because it is basically the ending for the song. Ugh, I hate tis song. It's bad as fuck.)

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