April 5 - April 11, 2015 PST

The Weekly Roar

Note : This is yet to be approved to be the newspaper of this wiki, or it will just stay unofficial... Forever!


Welcome to the very first serious un-official, fanmade newspaper of the Five Nights at Freddy's Wikia! This unofficial newspaper states about what's going on with the game, the wiki, and the fandom and every information we could gather up every week!

Haven't been updated on your facts 'bout the FNaF sphere all over the world? Then this is for you!

Front Page

Five Nights at Freddy's, will soon be hitting the theaters?

Does Springtrap voice, means anything?

#UseNoWiki, is it really the biggest trend evar?

FNaF Movie

Five Nights at Freddy's one of the most remarkable point-and-click Indie game, was just too mainstream is it? It's so mainstream that it can... Guess what? Possibly be a movie! Fans gone wild, and a youtuber knowbn as 'jaykpound' has even made a fan-made trailer for it. A hollywood reporter has said it, and fandom gone wild for it. That 'Warner Bros.' has adapted the rights to make one of the most mainstream games, Five Nights at Freddy's, a real movie! A producer known as Seth Grahame-Smith, wanted to make this movie a insane, terrifying and weirdly adorable movie, and 'really lends itself to become a movie'.

The success of the game in such a short time has earned the rights to BE and WILL BE a movie. 

But hey, making this movie could also be good for Warner Bros. They don't have to pay for advertisement because the game's too mainstream!

But, other fans, or critics, said it would be a bad one. Thinking it would just be hours of watching a dude '

being a nightguard doing his job for 6 hours for 6 nights. But, we should wait until the real movie comes out to rate it right. But the problem is, will it come out, will it be made? Warner Bros. just adapted the rights, yeah. Way to ruin people's hopes Destiny!

Does  Springtrap voice means something?

In a video by a Youtuber known as Dawko, he made a video concerning Springtrap's voice. He made a few little expirements to it. He just started editing it to prove he didn't do anything to it.

First, he downloaded the  jumpscare on MP3, then he played it. It's normal, same 'ol jumpscare. We don't see anything to it, yet. Then he strectched the sound, then played it in slow motion, it gave changes, but we still don't see anything to it, yet. Then he played it backwards, it seemed like a... Like a song. We're getting there, then he played it with pitch. It sounded like a guitar song, yeah... A guitar song. But why?

What does Bonnie played in the band? That's right. The Guitar, maybe along with the first bandmates, with Golden Freddy, I don't know if there's anything like a Golden Chica, or will there be? Idk. It was the guitar tune programmed to him to be played. But we don't know, maybe a lyric? But there's so much yet to cover.   I don't know... I learned this all from Dawko.


Very well-known user, or as what I like to call "A Wiki Celeb", Taz Da Wolf, has made a troll (Or is it?) blog about the very well-known trend around this Wikia, #UseNoWiki. And just to be straight, the overlord of Bacon, Jillips, or what Homura and Fox call him as 'Jillfish', hehe. Sorry Jipps, but... Why Fish? And everybody who is reading this, please kindly respect, (And don't make fun of) Jillip's nickname as Jillips made a nice nickname for ONLY Homura and Fox to call him as nicknames were only made for fun and to make it short.

Anyways, the #UseNoWiki trend was originally made by 'The Overlord of Bacon' Jillips Entertainment. But, Ehm... Taz stole it and claimed it as this made Jillips rage-quit. So everybody has to use the #Jillipscalmtheflyingf*ckdownandeatbacon trend. But Jillips has to use the #exCUSEMebutit'sMyBaconAndIDecideWhatToDoWithIt trend. So this practically started a hashtag war.

Anyways, is this really a joke made for fun? Or is it a plan to ruin FNaF wiki, take over wikia, conquer the internet, which will dominate the world which will start a rebellion against this TREND! Or is it just really a joke. I dunno I really think this is a joke. Sorry Taz, you might be on to something. And I'm watching you...   


So this is all for this week. Also, this is a serious newspaper, but never missing the fun. So see you next week in the Weekly Roar.

Notes :
  1. Also, who want's to be hired (no pay) just go to the future blog which I will make in the future which the link will be posted on my message wall and say what you want to be, you will meet the requirements there. These requirements will soon be added on my message wall soon. Becaue I'm soo lazy to type. This took me about, 5 red bulls since start until finish. So I will REALLY need alot of help. So if you want to join, just comment below that you want to join the corporation.
  2. I do not plan to make this the OFFICIAL newspaper of the wiki. I just want to update the users knowledge and information about the game's all abouts.
  3. If you want to advertise for your group, or your RP, or your forum activity, or your name for the next issues. Just comment below or PM me. I will be holding a raffle (with no payment) every week to see who gets on the next issue. Here's how I do it :

 First, I write random numbers with a total ammount of 7 digits on a slip of paper in my house, then I              wait for you to send me a message either in the comments or my message wall, what you will send              me on the message is...

 1.) Your Name.

 2.) What you want to advertise. 

 Then, we wait until 2 days before the publishing which Thursday, 12:00AM PST, which you can't send           in messages anymore. Then I'll order my future official employees (if there will be any which I really               need) and me of course to send the numbers I wrote to the participants. And 1 day before the                       publishing day which is Friday PST, I will put the slips I wrote into a basket and shake it, pick one and           the winner will be announced in a blog I will make the same day I picked the slip. And you/r                           name/what_you_want_to_advertise will be shown in the newspaper blog in the publishing day which             is Saturday PST.

Extremely Important Note :

This hiring/volunteering will begin once this reaches at least 50 reads which I know because of the comments. So everytime you read this just comment. So for now I will just do the newspaper by myself... Unless this goes popular quickly...

And when the raffle starts, if you already posted in the comments, don't message me on my message wall concerning about the weekly raffle. Like you already posted about the next week raffle, don't post again on the message wall if it's concerning the next week raffle so we don't get confused in counts.

And also type what week the raffle you're joining so I don't get confusions.

For ex.

 This is for the April 12-17, 2015.

So I hope this is all clear, and if you need extra clarifications, feel free to comment.

And Yes, I plan huge, I dream huge. It explains this all.

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