Wazzup dudes and dudettes, Fury here. And I'm gonna show you, what's all behind the hat dissapearance in Scott Cawthon's website.

Cutting to the ChaseEdit

So, let's cut to the chase.

First, I went to scott website, , inspected elements, and found something mysterious, pretty mysterious. In the "Elements" tab, find this Hex code. #1e90ff. Go to And in the search bar, type #1e90ff. And a color, to the search bar's right, will go red. Who's red? Foxy.

Then, I went again to Scott's website, then I printscreened it, went to Photoscape, and keeped brightening the background, or specifically, I keeped clicking the backlight button till something showed up. And then it did, I see, some what of a curtain opening, where do you find curtains? Pirate Cove.

If ya don't believe me, your loss, I'm not yet pretty sure about it, but I see something here guys.


So bye guys, thanks for reading this blog, I really appreciate it, comment below, say what you think about this blog, give theories about it. Lemmino in the comments below.

Note : Credit to Youtuber, LemminoTV, or if that's his name. Just ye. For that exit.

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