The Weekly FreddyEdit

Saturday, April 11Edit

Disclaimer: The Weekly Freddy is totally satirical and for fun. If you are looking for serious news about FNAF, look somewhere else.Edit

Weekly NoticesEdit

  • The first ever Weekly Freddy is here. The Weekly Freddy is a newspaper sent out every week for the users of the FNAF Wiki, featuring exclusive news about the gang, what's going on around the pizzeria and more.
  • Freddy Fazbear's Pizza will be closed this week due to technical difficulties concerning the staff and personnel only.

Hello, I am so glad you could join me! Welcome to The Weekly Freddy, where we find out all the juicy gossip going on in the pizzeria each week. Everyone seems very excited... scratch that, everyone BUT Bonnie.... he's so lazy lately, all he seems to want to do is eat pizza. Even though he gets a bit irritable, you do find yourself to be quite envious.... who wouldn't want to sit around eating pizza all day? We caught up with the gang earlier to discuss the first Weekly Freddy:

Hello, how are you all today?

Golden Freddy: We're all great, and so pumped for the Weekly Freddy being create-

Munch, munch, munch.

Foxy: Can't you put that pizza down for one minute? We're being inte-

Munch, munch, munch.

Bonnie: No.

Foxy: Yes.

Bonnie: No.

Foxy: If you don't, I'll rush you.

Bonnie: Fine.


Chica: There's plenty of places to put a pizza slice other than the floor....

So, any new security guards in the past few weeks?

Freddy: Nope, we've had the same one for about a month now, he's doing well.... but I promise, as soon as I get my chance, he'll be straight in a costu-



Well, that's my cue to go. Nice seeing you all, I'll talk to you next week.

As you can see, there is a bit of tension around the pizzeria due to Bonnie's new antics. Hopefully next week's copy will be longer, but as of right now there isn't much happening apart from the first edition of The Weekly Freddy. We'll end this week's copy with some other messages and etc.


A message from health authorities: As you all know, in the past month there has been major uproar in the media, mainly complaints about the conditions at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, with customers and staff arguing about many things including the anamatronics, weekly pay, safety, electricity and lack of effort put in to security measures. This has all been found to be false so far, but we will continue looking into the situation. For these reasons the location will be closed for a few weeks to be inspected further. The pizzeria is not closing down as of the time being, any rumors or lies from social media, friends or other are not true. Please do not think the pizzeria is permanently closing until you hear it from us, the owners or other insiders. There is no reason at all to worry about the future of the pizzeria at this current time, we are only closing it down for a few weeks to inspect the location for any health or safety violations.

Thankyou from the National Health Organization.

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