ok ok so how about what if that springtrap survived and people rebuilded anomaotronics all of them toys withered and original and even FREDBEAR and there was a museem and springtrap kills MORE KIDS~! the animatronis are all possesss and now u have to survive and catCH springtrap!!!!!!! every mekanik from every game is in t here and new mekanics pokemon and net trap the pokemon is your pokemon game and you activate it to attract BalloonBB becausE the oldest kid was in there and SCArs springtrap away and the net trap is on cameras and u can only use twice tho it traps springtrap also my new animatronic oc that is like foxy except blue named ash will be in the game and will be in love with foxii there are multiple endiingg now but dont get the bad ending cuz its bad okay so bad ending springtrap die good ending nobody die and everyone is good now

What do you think? Comment down below! Thanks! ;)

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