After countless maths and theories, I finally found out Mangle's gender, it was right infront of us!! I can't believe it...Mangle's not actually male

This is also posted on my steam account discussion

Okay, so remember the trailer, the song london bridge falling down? Lyrics to it are "build it with iron and steel" Keep that in mind. Now, Mangle's teeth are all triangle, not that that has to do with the illumanti but its nice to note, now let's get this right. In Twighlight, vampires have fangs, so does Mangle, and Edward is a vampire, but hold on, let's not stop there, in Monster High, girl vampires also have that was useless, now bare with me, we're halfway through.

If you noticed the color pink on Mangle, pink opposites the colour green on the colour wheel, and guess what green means? It means good, and all girls are very very good, girls must be goody two shoes, but green is also associated with money, which Smike, who is male loves to bathe in all day...



Mangle's missing eye is actually on the endoskeleton head, which the endoskeleton head is confirmed to be golden freddy, because of the eye colour... Yes, it is, he's yellow, and yellow is opposite of purple, purple is a girl's colour, also yellow is a girls colour, but the sun is male as seen in fourth grade division slide shows, so yellow also means male.

But---if we go back to green, green opposites the colour red, which is associated with blood, and only males can kill people, and Mangle doesn't kill anyone just bites out their frontal lobe, also the Bonnie animatronics eyes are red, and Bonnie was confirmed a female name.

Almost done, folks, now finally, look at Mangle. she's clearly lazy, she wont walk, but he's also dangerous. Lazy but dangerous things are usually made out to be male gamers, but dangerous things are also girls on their periods! I think we've found our winner!

Mangle's gender is iron and steel.  

  • Que X-Files theme*

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