Hello I'm Fredman, a fan of FNAF, and here's tis rahmy 2 cents about game 4. I predict it will take place during Fredbear's Family Diner, with the death mini-games taking place after the events of FNAF 3. I think the main antagonist will be Freddy Fredbear, (Golden Freddy) original Springtrap, (Without damgae and known as Spring Bonnie) and an empty Animatronic suit. I do realize Spring Bonnie isn't a animatronic, but what if it's the temporary host of the dead child (the one that takes over the Puppet) since the Puppet wasn't made yet, or their possesed by the dead child. Freddy could be like a combination of Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy from the first game, immediatly attacking you heading to both the right and left doors, and killing you if your power dies. Spring Bonnie could attack like Foxy from the first game, and Mangle from the second game, and being able to attack you very early, as early as 1AM. The animatronic suit would act like Balloon Boy, disabling your doors but then leaves, leaving you prone to Freddy, or Spring Bonnie. It could also attack you, but this would rarely happen on early nights, but can attack you on nights 3-5.

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