aka Shawn, Cody, Freddy, Beard, Beardofred

  • I live in ZE ROYAL PIZZERIA.
  • I was born on September 15
  • My occupation is Roleplaying
  • I am A Cool Pirate That Is Also A Pokemon Trainer.
  • Freddybeard

    Remember when I said goodbye? Well, screw that. I'm back. Hello.

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  • Freddybeard

    Yep. I'm back. Again.

    Seems like only yesterday when I wiped all the dust from my roleplay profile. Now it's filled with cobwebs again.


    Anyways, yeah. Old Freddy's back after a hiatus of I'm-too-lazy-to-count, which I'm willing to bet is a long time. I've come to inform you that I've moved on from Wikia into more exciting opportunities abroad. I'm a more mature person now: no more whining or crying. SL, as I said, has attracted me back after all these months, but I then found that the Wiki has died in the days that I wasn't here. So yeah, I'm just writing this short blog post to tell you that Old Freddy might not be coming back in the future, and may not be. However, you can maintain contact with me, if you see someone named Ekronak ru…

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  • Freddybeard

    So now I'm back. The school year has started here in my country. The apocalypse of school has begun.

    Anyway, you probably wonder why I disappeared off the face of the earth a few months ago and abandoned the Hunger Games I was running at the time. Well, my reasons for going off are a bit shameful, in my eyes.

    So it has been two years since the FNAF craze began in 2014, and a year since I joined in February 2015. When I joined the wiki, it was a boiling broth of foxy lovers, little kids, theorists, roleplayers, and other guys, fueled by either the love or hate for the FNAF series. I was part of the former group. I was introduced to FNAF by a friend named Dean back in December of 2015. Before that, I had heard about it, and I thought that it w…

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  • Freddybeard

    Constable Huxley the Horse diverts Adagio Dazzle 2.0's attention and runs away.


    Adagio: Wait wut?

    Hux: HAHA! You fell for my trick!

    Adagio: Dammit!)

    Nam Elprup receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

    (Nam: It is time... to DESTROY THIS ARENA AND ESCAPE! I will throw this bomb into the arena forcefield and destroy it! And I will survive!

    Freddybeard: That... is... a very not well thought out plan.)

    LizzyDraco chases Fadded.

    (Lizzy: Fadded... Come here! I need to tell you something!

    Fadded: I need... to inspect... cabbages! I have no time for such escapades!

    Lizzy: I need to tell you! There... is a group.. of cacti... in your... way…

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  • Freddybeard

    XSlayer300 defeats Lightning Flame Blast in a fight, but spares his life.

    (XSlayer: Hah! Found you!

    Lightning: ()_() Oh God.

    XSlayer: I am gonna XSLAY you! You will be XSLAYED by the end of today! You know why? Because I AM XSLAYER!

    (XSlayer holds up a sword and chases Lightning around a tree for a few hours.)

    XSlayer: I am so... tired...

    Lightning: Will you XSLAY me now?

    XSlayer: Yes...

    (XSlayer charges at Lightning. Lightning is hit and collapses on the ground while XSlayer puts his sword above his head.)


    (Lightning pretends to be dead.)

    XSlayer: Did I XSLAY you with my stare? Okay then. Bye.

    (XSlayer walks away.)

    Lightning: I AM ALIVE!

    XSLAYER: I wanna chase you right now, man who survived my XS…

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