So uh, since like everyone is leaving this wiki, pretty much meaning that the wiki's diying, I'll have to follow them.

But I will still be coming on the wiki time to times, but less than usual (yes I was going on this wiki everyday). Mainly because most people I know aren't posting or are leaving, and I'm getting pretty bored of that.

The only reason, I'll still be coming will be mainly for theories (I love those) and check on people I know here

I know that there's not a lot of people who know me here, but I wanted to say something about this.

'its has be a jolly adventure here! Keep enjoyin' ye-selves but remember: No runnin' around th' Cove! Or I'll be forced to make ye walk th' plank!

(Fact about me: I learned how to write like a pirate and know... piraty expressions ? thanks to RPing here)

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