Okay,i'm here today to debunk dumb theories! Let's begin!

Foxy is a good guy: I hate this theory.This is the evidence that he is a good guy:If you don't check him,he comes to the office to make sure you're okay,butt his voice box malfuntions,and screams and gives you a heart attack.Okay,Foxy is not a good guy,because you still get stuffed in a suit.Also,in the second game,Foxy leaps at you,going straight for your face,wanting to kill you.

Mangle is female: Evidence:Lipstick,make up,and being in ladies night.Okay,the reason mangle was proably ut in ladies night,was probaly to add more chalenge,like foxy being in double trouble.Second,mangle has lipstick and makeup.Toy Freddy and Toy Bonnie have makeup,and there still male!

Phone guy is the purple guy:There is not even evidence for this one. Why would they let him work there iff he had murdered people there??

Freddy did the bite of '87: Evidence: Handprints on his face. Freddy's teeth could NOT bite into the human skull.

BB does not exist:I also hate this theory.The evidence is that phone guy never mentions BB. On the right hand side of the office,There is a childs drawing  of BB. Also Fritz see's BB

Fox flames,signing out

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