• FortunateHood

    If FNaF was 3D

    May 30, 2015 by FortunateHood

    Hello, and welcome to my first blog! How exciting isn't it? So I'm going to share my ideas if FNaF was 3D.

    Da Rules

    You can't bring the camera with you.

    You can go in vents.

    You can and will get killed if you touch the animatronics. (Yes, there is a jumpscare.)

    How the animatronics act

    Freddy- Moves very slowly BUT he stalks you so you have to keep moving because of him.

    Bonnie- Moves very fast but doesn't have an idea of where you are. (Dang it, Bonnie.)

    Chica- Moves slowly and very noisy so you can hear her most of the time.

    Foxy- You have to check on him every once in awhile with the camera or directly at Pirate Cove. If you don't then he will track you down. Note that he is faster than Bonnie.

    Golden Freddy- Harmless and appears randomly. Gives you …

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