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    April 20, 2016 by Focri

    [Go to Youtube and put Victory Imminent (from the Rogue Spear soundtrack) before reading for a better experience]

    Good whatevertheheckisyourtimezone y'all. In less than 2 hours (with 20 minutes), dank from here will join others around the world. And ya will be launching the largest blaze it in the history of dankind. "Dankind". That word should have a new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our skrubness anymore. We will be united in our common quickscopes. Perhaps it's fate (it's actually DaDarkness) that today is the twentiethish of april, and once again ya'll be gitting gud for our dank...Not from casuls, newbs, or shitposters...But from total skrubness. We're gitting gud for our right to be MLG. To dank. And should we …

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    Title says everything you need to know.

    So, Have you ever...

    Wanted to ask Da Focri about how to git gud?

    Wondered where does his Dank come from?

    Waited for the answer of wheter DaDarkness cares 'bout us?

    Wondered why he hates Lollygaggin' so much?

    Ordered sum thing on but your stuff was never delivered?


    Well, I don't care.

    You can ask diz dank as fuck Forci dud (typo intended) whatever you want, it can be secksual, personal, MLG, deep, or just plain stupid questions, but just don't ask 'bout the Tonga Incident, that's something I never talk about for good reasons. 

    Note:Conex, the Focri Clan and/or DaDarkness is not responsible for disturbing answers that may leave the askers in a state of deep personal crisis.

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    Everyone raise your hands!

    September 16, 2015 by Focri

    Everyone, pls raise you hands to lend us sum energy for Da Spirit Bomb!

    o °°°°°°°°° °°°°°°° °°°°° °°° ° \O/ I                                                                      /  \ 
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    August 13, 2015 by Focri


    BigBossApproves.jpg CAME BACK FROM THE GRAVE.

    AND NOW HE'S EVEN MORE BigBossApproves.jpg THAN EVER.

    GIT GUD.



    Now, with that out, HE'S BACK, after what seemed an eternity, he returned.

    Update: We've reached the Popular blog posts, everyone be like:

    How this happened? Hell if I know, BigBossApproves.jpg must have a lot of charisma.



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    Super Important Advice for Anyone That Gives Cares 'n stuff 'bout Me:

    This is one of the most important, yet possible irrelevant thing you should know...

    It's something quite surprising to tell you the truth...

    You see, there was a whole reason of why my profile had a change, it was 'bout 2 000 000 Weed, Gud Demopan and I were gonna get it from Logical's Secret Locker, and then each one would get 1 000 000 Weed, everything was fine, 'til that Taz dud appeared and stealed Demo's Weed, and then i challenged him to a Epic 1v1, but he never showed up...(Dammit Taz, I curse you and your family for 346 generations!)

    And now that those events are left behind i will go back to ze Original Focri Style.

    You know what that means?


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