Ok so what exactly is the bite of 87? It is an incident( i hope i spelled this right) that happened in 1987 at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Now im not sure who did it. ( some ppl think foxy, others mangle, freddy, and in one video i watched, chica ) but one of the anmatronics had attacked and took out the frontal lobe of the victims brain.

Not much is known on the subject, but the incident ( once again not sure about spelling) was briefly mentioned by the phone guy on night 1.

" uhh... they used to be able to walk around during day too, yeah, but then there was the bite of 87.  I-Its amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe "

                                                                                   -   Phone guy Night 1 

There are many possible subjects ( mentioned before ) but lets move on to the people who probably didn't do it.


They toys are most likely not responsible for the attack ( in my opinion because they weren't exactly around during the time of the incident, were they?) because toy chica probably wouldn't be able to bite efficiently with her beak. As for toy bonnie and toy freddy well, due to their jaws being flat and dull to bite well, they probably didn't do it.

BB and The PuppetEdit

BB probably isnt it because of the same reason for The Puppet, both lack hinged jaws.

Bonnie and Chica( the other theory on chica )Edit

one reason chica probably wasn't it is because during the incident she was in parts an services ( i think ) but then again she might've escaped or been let out on accident

The original bonnie can be ruled out because his lack of one jaw.


Some ppl have thought foxy is the most likely perpetrator responsible for the bite. One he has broken teeth, which may have been damaged during the attack.

In pirates cove, it says out of order, that might be due to the reason about how they dont want kids around him because he caused the incident and they dont want other people hetting hurt. ( or it might be because his broken jaws )

Another reason is because it seems that he has broken jaws. when he is running, the jaws will flap open and then slam closed. when he is in the office, his jaws are closed, then seemingly fall open. That suggest that he was leanig towards the victim, then his jaws fell open. causing the wound.

Then again he was also in parts and service ( most likely ) and evidence goes against him on that.

Freddy FazbearEdit

Other fans say that it was freddy. i can see how they would think that because near freddy it says DO NOT TOUCH FREDDY. that may have been posted after the incident, but then again the killer did dress up as freddy to kill the children so it might just be there as a precaution.

But. like foxy and chica, freddy was probably in parts of service.


Now, the reason i have noticed pops up a lot is that MANGLE did the bite. It makes sense, since when she attacks you, she seems to be aiming for your head. When i played the game, mangle got me A LOT and i noticed that each time, it seems she attacked in the direction of my forehead ( where upper lobe is located. i think )

There are many suspects for the bite of 87. many theories. etc.

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