so i think i have it all figured out the story behind fnaf the trilogy, by using the death mini games from the 2nd game as our best clue,for those who have see the fnaf video game theory posted continue reading if you havent go watch it since i will be refering to it.lets start at the begining,with the give cake mini game, were asuming this is frazbears family diner we see 6 children on the inside and 1 on the outside. outside one gets killed by purple guy and become the marionette i beleive that the marionette is responsible for the missing childrens incident and not the purple guy because the purple guy has no motives to kill 5 random chilldren(not that he should have any) but the marionette does, its angry that the kids didint let it in the dinner to have cake and i believethe 6 children inside the dinner(give cake mini game) are the same ones killed in the missing childrens incident, i think the marionette used the golden freddy suit to lure it the children since its not human but with the suit on it appears human, the maronatte kills the childrens then stuffs them in the suits wich can be seen in the give life mini game sealing there souls in the suits to rot like the marionette has.the news paper clippings in the first game says that the police has caught the killer(probly the purple guy) but cant find the bodies because the purple guy hasent killed the 5 children he has no idea where they are. now you might be thinking ok well if the give cake kids are the ones killed there were 5 kids killed by the marionetter what about the 6th one well heres the kicker........ you are the 6th child,the marionette controls everything thats why the robots want to kill you, your the last one, you as the last child that still has to pay, and why you keep coming back in the 6th night and the following games, well you have fond memories of the place you cant let go and want to feel like a kid again eating cake thats also why you hallucinate we go to the last game fnaf3 the purple guy is back and so are you and ofcourse the marionette. the purple man came back to finish off freddys legacy, to right hes wrongs and relese the children thats why he destroying the suits to get the the decaying bodies of the children that are traped inside, but then you appear try to stop him  purple guy goes frantic looking where to flea  but cant find a place the 6th child is here from all those years ago so he climbs into springtrap(salvage) to gain an upper edge(keep in mind at this point purple guy is elderly and needs the support from the enskeleton to fight) but marionette sees an oppetunity he losses the spring locks killing the purple man finally the marionette has its revenge. and again fnaf3 spring trap is out to kill you for revenge for making him go into the suit..........................but thats just my theory

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