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  • I live in in the world
  • I was born on July 27
  • My occupation is being awesome
  • I am girl
  • FancyMPony31

    Toy Bonnie facts

    1.Unlike Bonnie,Toy Bonnie actually has eyebrows.

    2.There actually was a debate about TB gender.

    3.The closer he gets to you,the smaller his pupils get.

    4.There is a rumor that TB might be responsible for the missing papaer plate.

    5.TB is going to be in FNAF3

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  • FancyMPony31

    Toy Bonnie Facts

    April 20, 2015 by FancyMPony31

    Ok guys this is my FIRST BLOG POST 

    Toy Bonnie Facts:

    His pupils get smaller when he is closer toy uoyw;iawudf

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