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Hey guys. I'm new here, but I want to really help this community out. I absolutely love this wiki (and the series it's revovled around) and I decided to make this blog post to help everyone out. With the very recent release of the third game, it's kind of hard to take all of this exciting new information in and make articles/edits out of it. So, I figured I would make this blog so we as a community could collect all of the information from the third game that we need.

Hallucinations (FNaF3)Edit

Death Minigames (FNaF3)Edit

  • Bonnie's minigame, where he gets dismantled by Purple Guy
  • Chica's minigame, where she gets dismantled by Purple Guy
  • Freddy's minigame, where he gets dismantled by Purple Guy
  • Foxy's minigame, where he gets dismantled by Purple Guy
  • An angry child spirit's minigame, where you unintentionally kill Purple Guy with Springtrap
  • Golden Freddy's minigame, where you're entertaining children with Springtrap

Endings (FNaF3)Edit

  • Bad ending
  • "The end"

Theories & Rumors (FNaF3)Edit

  • Springtrap and Golden Freddy were used as costumes by the employees to entertain kids.
  • The game is just a vivid dream told from Jeremy's point of view, after he gets the Bite of '87. That explains why so many key elements from the second game appear. The box of toy animatronics in the office, BB's laugh being used throughout the game, Springtrap resembling a manifestation of the old animatronics from the second game, all of the phantom animatronics being antagonists from the second game (BB, Withered Chica, Withered Foxy, Withered Freddy, Mangle, Puppet), the ventilation being a problem for the player, the camera getting errors (the old animatronics from the second game would constantly pull your camera down), the 6th Night being titled "Nightmare" (the 6th Night from FNaF2 has been renowned for its difficulty), and more.
  • Phantom Freddy and Golden Freddy are the same entities.
  • "Shadow Bonnie" and "Shadow Freddy" from the second game were a foreshadowing of this game's Springtrap and Phantom Freddy.
  • Springtrap is still alive, as indicated by brightening up the newspaper image shown to you after completing Nightmare.
  • There are rumors of a Golden Freddy jumpscare happening under random circumstances (like in the second game). Though yet to be proven, Golden Freddy does appear in the game so this rumor is likely to be true. It could, on the other hand, just be players thinking Phantom Freddy is Golden Freddy.
  • Springtrap is the "yellow suit" that Phone Guy refers to in the second game.

Now, to help this list out, comment below what you think needs added to it, and when I get the chance I will add the information you provided into the blog post! :)