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  • I live in the cabbage house
  • I was born on December 1
  • My occupation is being a cabbage
  • I am the one who's gonna save the world
  • Fadded

    Cabbage President

    November 15, 2016 by Fadded

    Hey I didn't do this last time so I will do it now

    I'm running for president

    If I win that implies:

    1.-Not being a lazy dude and coming here more often instead of like every three days and stuff

    2.-Actually being productive

    3.-Everyone who votes for me will be classified as a good person

    4.-Uh, whatever else you want boiz

    So yeah thanks

    Don't be a dumb, be a cabbage!

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  • Fadded


    So, confirmed?

    EDIT: LeTesla said that Phone Guy also addressed Funtime Foxy as male.

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  • Fadded

    Oh my god plot twist oh my gooooooooood

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  • Fadded

    A Cabbage's Twitter

    September 19, 2016 by Fadded

    I have now made a Twitter where I will be tweting stuff.

    Pretty dumb stuff.

    But it's there, in my profile.

    In the "my twitter" thingy.

    It's existed for a while, but I mainly use it to tweet stuff about my game, which will be released on 3465.

    Because I am lazy cabbage and never do anything.

    So yeah, if you're interested in that and want to help tell me or something.

    It will be pretty bizarre so yeah.

    And yeah, that's that.

    Follow me plz I have one follower.

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  • Fadded

    So I started playing Soul Silver again today and I haven't really played much but this what I have so far:

    ZedHeadBed: Totodile - Level 10, Starter, New Bark Town, male, met at Level 5 (Obviously).

    PBE: Hoothoot - Level 3, used 2 Poké Balls, Route 29, male, met at Level 2 (Lowest level you can get things at. Aside from eggs.)

    Oceasia: Spearow - Level 2, used 2 Poké Balls, Route 46, female, met at Level 2 (I have no idea whether Oceasia is male or female plz forgive.)

    GoldenforG: Pidgey - Level 4, used a Heal Ball, Route 30, male, met at level 4 (You asked for it :P)

    Beezorde: Weedle - Level 4, used 2 Heal Balls, Route 31, female, met at level 4 (Yes.)

    FlyingMime: Zubat - Level 2, used a Heal Ball, Dark Cave, male, met at level 2 (Wowzers)

    And tha…

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