I do these ones after every game release. I believe it's clear that FFPS will be the last Point & Click game of the serie, therefore I'm calling it my final timeline, though, of course, if there were to be another game, then I would ajust it in case I was wrong.

Here is the picture of my timeline. It's too big to put it here.

Of course I will not simply leave it there, I will explain why this or that happens at this or that time. Once you are done looking at the picture, come back here to hear my explanation.

(Note : I will not discuss the issue of who possesses who, unless needed. I am only explaining the chain of events and where they took place.)

Everything starts in 1973 at Fredbear's Family Diner, I guess you aren't surprised about that. This location has two characters, Fredbear and the Puppet. Fredbear is the main character. The Puppet may or may not be an animatronic designed to make sure every child is safe. (as evidenced by the New TCTTC from FFPS as well as the Security Puppet animatronic from FFPS too.)

While not based on an animal, the Puppet is still a robot like the other robots from the franchise, the sparks caused by the rain makes this clear.

One day, a girl, who happens to be the daughter of the owner of FFD (Henry) gets stuck outside of the building, most likely because some unfunny kids locked the door. Purple guy (William Afton) comes in his purple car and kills the girl. The Puppet realizes that something is wrong, goes outside to try to save the girl, but malfunctions because of the rain and stops working next to the body of the girl.

This girl possesses the Puppet.

It is unknown if the gift box on top of the Puppet's gift box was placed by William, my guess is no. Either someone was clumsy enough to put it there, or it's once again the kid's fault and they thought it would be funny to do that.

After this event, the location closed, maybe because no one went there anymore, or maybe because Henry couldn't deal with the death of his daughter, I believe the former.

At some point between 1973 and 1983, FFD v2 opens This is a new location. Fredbear is once again the main character, though this time he has a pal : Spring Bonnie.

Both of them are springsuits. They also have the free-roam. This location has a safe room.

After this, still between 1973 and 1983, Circus Baby's Pizza World is supposed to open. The owner (William) invites children for a day and says it is only to make sure everything works fine, though it is actually to abduct/kill kids. He successfully kills three of them, plus a fourth one, who is his own daughter, Elizabeth Afton. She dies in what I call the Ice cream incident. The Ice cream minigame from SL depicts this event.

The three first victims possess Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy and Ballora, while Elizabeth possess Baby. These animatronics are extremely advanced, as shown by Baby's memory of killing a girl, even though Elizabeth... well, was the victim of this, and so wasn't possessing her yet.

This is the only day CBPW was open. It is never to be heard of again. After this event, William moved the animatronics to the underground facility in SL to make experiments on them. (As evidenced by the gas leaks teaser.)

After that, still between 1973 and 1983, FFP v1 opens. Six characters are there : Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Fredbear and Spring Bonnie. This location has a safe room. This is the location of the FNAF 3 phone calls.

After this, in 1983, the springlock failure happens. This incident isn't known to public and doesn't affect the popularity of the location.

Regarding the location of this, I have no definitive answer. The FNAF 3 phone calls welcomes us to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, which seems to indicate that the springlock failure (which occures at a sister location) occured at FFD v2, however, the suits ARE at FFD v2 in FNAF 4, even though they were supposedly moved. If we change the locations, then the springlock suits are at the right place but then Phone guy welcomes us to FFP even though it's an FFD. Believe whatever you want.

After this, still in 1983, the MCI occures. Though there are a few problems like the springlock failure, I am fairly certain it occured at FFP v1. The MCI has to occure where the four main animatronics are (Or else they can't get possessed), and they are at FFP v1. Phone guy also mentions the Spring Bonnie animatronic being moved at this location.

While it leaves the question of what the CC witnessed, everything points to the MCI happening at FFP v1.

After this occures the Bite of 83. The Brother (Michael Afton) and three other bullies kill the Crying child by throwing him into Fredbear's mouth. The pills and the IV drip seem to indicate that he didn't die directly, though I would say he survived a few days at most. (The Crying child isn't the protagonist of the FNAF 4 nightmares.)

Because of the MCI and the Bite of 83, two events known to the public which happens in quick succession, both locations get simultaneously closed. Additionally, the springlock failure convinces FE to never use springlock suits ever again. This was the last time golden animatronics* were ever used officially. (Because un-officially, William wasn't done using them...)

(*Of course, Chica isn't counted.)

After this, at some point between 1983 and 1987, Michael goes to Circus Baby Entertainment and Rental (SL underground facility) to put back together his sister Elizabeth at the request of William.

It is unknown why William didn't do it himself, but we shouldn't focus on that as the ending of SL makes it clear he did ask it to him anyways. (Perhaps William wanted to get rid of Michael ?)

As you know, Michael gets scooped. I am not sure yet how remnants work, but he remains alive.

In Summer 1987, FFP v2 opens. This location has :

  • The four main animatronics (Not used and withered, in Parts and Service room)
  • The five Toy animatronics
  • The Puppet
  • Spring Bonnie (Not used and not withered, in safe room)

It may or may not have Fredbear. (And I mean Fredbear, not Golden Freddy, the animatronic, not the ghost.)

The safe rooms were sealed in 1983, and he should be inside one of them, though GF is here, and his apperance is withered, which seems to indicate the suit is here and was used for parts as explained by Phone guy.

At any rate, IF Fredbear is here, he is inside the safe room.

SAVETHEM occurs shortly after the location is opened, William uses Spring Bonnie (Phone guy mentions a suit in the back being used) and lures the children somewhere, though I am not sure where.

He kills five kids, which do not possess the Toy animatronics. (No pupils + YOU CAN'T)

He gets rid of the bodies in an unknown way. It's around SAVETHEM that Phone guy records the FNAF 2 phone calls, which are therefore, tapes. (Some of them recorded before SAVETHEM, some of them after)

FFP v2 closes for a few months. It re-opens in November 1987. Michael gets the night shift under the names Jeremy and Fritz. The reasons are unclear. To me, it is one of the following :

  • Free the souls
  • Learn more about the past
  • Fix the animatronics his father tampered with

It seems like he went there to learn about the past as Jeremy (Or simply learn how the animatronics work to fix them later on), then fix the animatronics as Fritz.

The odor on the pink slip let us know it is indeed Michael, who was scooped, at most, four years ago, at least, one year ago.

The Bite of 87 happens around Michael's shifts. The victim is unknown.

Note that Michael is not at fault for the Bite of 87, they were tampered with two times, once by William (Phone guy, Night 4, Summer) and once by Michael. (Night 6, pink slip, November)

I assume William tampered with them to cause them to attack, and Michael tampered with them to undo that.

Fast forward to 1993, FFP v3 opens. There are four animatronics : Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy. These animatronics are the same as the Withered's. This building is the same as FFD v2's, though it was of course re-built and cleaned. William worked in that location as well.

The safe room was unsealed in the process. The Spring Bonnie animatronic was moved there from the FNAF 2 location and put in the safe room. (Note that the FNAF 3 EON's do NOT happen yet)

Mike Schmidt (Who is Michael Afton) gets the night shift. Once again, reasons unclear, though I will give you the same hypothesis, either to try to free the souls, or to learn more about the past.

On Night 4, Phone guy dies. After two years and a half of theorizing, I came to the conclusion that Scott never intended Phone guy to be important.

During Night 6, Michael tampers with the animatronics. He gets the same pink slip as Fritz.

Notice Smith is the american version of Schmidt. I have been repeating this for a year and half now. I guess I was right all along ;)

Michael gets fired, but this isn't really important, as the location was going to close anyways (Whether it is because of poor results or Phone guy's death)

After this happens the FNAF 3 EON's. While I have no date, I am fairly certain it's not long after Michael's shifts, as the animatronics are in good condition.

William dismantles the animatronics, gets scared of the children, hides in Springtrap and dies in a springlock failure. (Either because of the water, or because he was laughing and breathing heavily)

I am very aware of the very popular safe room paradox PBE discovered, however there is no way it took place before FNAF 1, as the animatronics are working, in a good condition, while the location is not. (If it was before they came and re-built the location, the animatronics wouldn't be there, if it was after, the location wouldn't be in a bad state)

Fast forward to 2023, the FNAF 3 night guard (Michael) goes to Fazbear Fright, an horror attraction started by some people who wanted to make money out of the tragedies that took place a long time ago. He is very much aware the victims are not yet at peace, and these people will go to the old locations and gather what they can. He applies there and gets the night shift. It's possible that he showed them proof he used to be a night guard at the pizzerias, as Phone dude says :

"Uh-You'll be starring as... The security guard! So not only will you be monitoring the people on the cameras as they pass through, y'know, to make sure no one steals anything or makes out in the corner, but you'll also be a part of the show. It'll make it feel really authentic I think."

On Night 5, he burns the location to get rid of everything related to the tragedies and free all the spirits not yet freed.

While everything indeed burns, Michael failed to free two spirits : The Puppet and Springtrap.

After an unknown number of years, perhaps right after burning FF to the ground, Michael gets nightmares, the FNAF 4 nightmares.

As I explained in this blog, Michael = Mike = Jeremy = Fritz = FNAF 3 night guard = Brother.

  • The way the animatronics move, and the reversed FNAF 1 Night 1 phone call makes it clear the protagonist was a night guard at the FNAF 1 location.
  • The toys in the bedroom, the flashlight, as well as Nightmare BB makes it clear the protagonist was a night guard at the FNAF 2 location. (And also that the nightmares take place after 1987.)
  • Plushtrap makes it clear the protagonist was a night guard at the FNAF 3 location.
  • The Nightmare animatronics makes it clear the protagonist witnessed the Bite of 87.
  • Nightmare Fredbear's belly makes it clear the protagonist witnessed the Ice cream incident.

I need to add a few things, though, for those who are not convinced for this bit.

  • Don't forget that Nightmare BB was confirmed canon by Scott.
  • Plushtrap is not a golden bunny, it's in the same state as Springtrap.
  • Nightmare Fredbear has a big mouth on his belly. One might say Nightmare Fredbear has two mouths because he caused the Bite, however this is exactly how Elizabeth, his sister, died, ate by Baby's belly.

It is unknown for how long Michael has this nightmares, if it is until his death or if they stop before.

Finally, the last event in the timeline is FFPS. Henry, who is now pretty old, is haunted by the memories of the pizzerias and decide to end it once and for all. He gathers everything that is not at peace yet through various ways. (He creates Lefty to capture the Puppet, for instance.)

FFPS's location burns down, and along with it, Michael, Henry, Scrap Baby, Molten Freddy (Ennard minus Baby), Springtrap and the Puppet.

William gets sent to Hell, and everybody else, I assume, to Heaven.

This concludes the timeline.

There is something I want to add. I originally didn't believe Jeremy was Michael, however he can only be either both of them or none of them, as the names on the gravestones suggests he created fake identities in their names.

If Fritz's an MCI victim, there's no way Jeremy isn't a regular night guard, he's an MCI kid as well.

For some funny reason, this one was easier to make than FNAF 4's or SL's, even though there are more events. Perhaps it's because Scott cleared a lot of things.

Thank you for reading all of this ! This is pretty big, although it's actually rather small for a timeline. For those who wonder, I prefer to make a blog about it, not a thread, this is the kind of things where you can't just debate with everybody all at once. I preferred to make a blog, like the two last times. I'll read every comment, but as I said, I won't debate here.

Thanks to :

-Nam, for convincing me CBPW never opened, but also for being my only theorizing buddy for FFPS. All these traitors like PBE didn't care about the game >:c But he did :)

He's also always the one sending me what Freddit found, I would've been very late on some issues had he not been with me. I don't regret what I said when PBE and I left the wiki, this guy really is the new PBE.

-And that's all. I usually thank more people but this time this monkey was the only one helping me >:c

Last time, this is when I gave my opinion on SL so I'm gonna give my opinion on FFPS.

It certainly isn't a game rich in lore, though this is probably a good thing for the last (canon) game of the franchise. I didn't like the jumpscares at all and didn't find it much scary, though this is not the reason why I like FNAF in the first place so this doesn't bother me much. The gameplay isn't very original either, every game had a new mechanic except this one. (FNAF 2 flashlight and Puppet, FNAF 3 control panel and luring animatronics, FNAF 4 sounds, SL not finite nights)

The minigames are good and pretty easy to understand, except for the car minigame. The gameplay is pretty simple to understand as well.

Overall, Scott proved he cares only about us theorists. Not these crooks who are paid to rate games based on the gameplay, not the people who are here for "le funni bear jumpscar xD", only about us.

This seems obvious to me because of Scott's previous games, but I guess it's proved now.

My ranking in FNAF games is now the following :

FNAF 4 > FNAF 2 > FFPS > FNAF 1 = FNAF World > FNAF 3 > Sister location

I am hoping we will get a real FNAF tycoon, and of course, future FNAF games, though not necessarily canon, but I will always follow Scott wherever he goes.

And to quote Henry's words :

"I am remaining as well. I am nearby."

I'm not just releasing a timeline and going away, I'm staying here !

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