• Ezkayl

    Been a while

    June 3, 2015 by Ezkayl

    Hey guys been a while since i posted so thought i would say hi and that my original theory still stands in my mind lol, how about those nightmares though.

    I have to say however i am confused by their exsistence, if the next games is supposed to dictate the details of the bite of 87 and FNAF2 was a direct lead in to it then where do these nightmares fit in, if Scott really wants to move away from the series after this then why ask more questions instead of giving us answers, honestly though i hope he isn't planning to leave us really i mean look at this a complete community built off his creation, if he does leave it behind whatever will we do.

    Anyway i kinda got sidetracked there and forgot why i was posting for a minute but i'll wind it up …

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  • Ezkayl

    I know who did it

    May 27, 2015 by Ezkayl

    This came to me after many hours of my day being spent listening to a fnaf song playlist i made on youtube and one particular song got stuck in my head but i have a strongly based theory on who caused the bite of '87.

    Who was the single most abused animatronic that existed at the time the event occured, one poor animatronic that was left to be dismantled and reassembled by children as they saw fit, the staff had all but given up on trying to fix poor mangle and one would imagine that a semi sentient being such as the animatronics would eventually get sick of such things.

    My continued support for this theory lies in the fact that despite FNAF 1 being based after the bite of '87 none of the toy animatronics seem to exist this being because the…

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