Welcome to the FNAF 3 Quiz!

What do you know about the game?

Question 1.  What do the Minigames at the end of each night represent? (A). Purple Man dismantling the suits (B) The robots chasing purple freddy around.

Question 2. What are the phantom animatronics? (Your own Answer)

Question 3. What is springtrap? (A) A former Bonnie costume. (B) An asshole

Question 4. What happened to Fazbears Fright?

Question 5. Who is inside of Springtrap? (A) Purple Man (B) Your mother (C) Jim Carrey

Question 6. Why is mangle torn apart? (Your own answer)

Question 7. What gender do you think Mangle is? (A) Boy (B) Girl (C) A thing

Question 8. Who is the purple man? (Your own answer)

Question 9. Which Minigame features crying cupcakes?

Question 10. Phantom Balloon Boy is... (A) The best. (B) The worst (C)unt

k thx <3


BONUS #1: Am I hot? (A) No (B) Yes

BONUS #2: Who is best character? (A) Foxy (B) Balloon Boy (C) Chica

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