this is a poem i wrote, and tookna good while. hope you like it!

An ode to purple

Back in the beginning, Fredbears was just fine.

But then those fools fired me, said I was out of line.

Something broke inside me, and then I hatched a plan.

Fredbears diner, they’ll soon find, just released a nightmare of a man.

I donned my purple uniform, a disguise to say the least,

To hide my face clouded with death, my eyes that of a beast.

I found a child in the back, crying and curled up.

It would take the staff a while to clean whole this mess up.

A few years later, after the fall of the Fred;

I found an ad in the newspaper, this is what it said:

Grand reopening of Fredbears family pizza!

Come on down, it’ll be fun! We all would love to meet ya!”

“This cannot be!”  I think to myself, “I killed that company dead!”

But facts are facts, and I could not change what that ad in the news said.

This cannot go on! To me, that restaurant’s existence is a sin!

And then it hit me- if a murder shut them down before, then I could do it again!

But after one murder, the restaurant somehow stayed alive;

So this time, instead of one child, how about killing five?

I had snuck into the backroom, found an empty suit of yellow

A musty, old, creepy shade, perfect for killing a fellow.

I find the perfect batch of victims, a group of kids by the show stage

Little do they know that they will follow me to their eternal cage.

I take them to the safe room (there is one in every location)

I lure them into their final destination.

Weeks pass since my strike, and the company is crippled,

By the looks of the papers, I made them quite a pickle.

The business closed, this time for good!

But I do not feel as accomplished as I should.

The robots still roam, as if to mock me.

If I terminate them, revenge will be mine, finally.

I break in the abandoned building, camp in the safe room.

I will lure each of the robots here, for them to meet their doom.

Each of them, one at a time should do the trick.

If I get them all at once, it won’t be such a kick.

First I get Freddy, the leader of the group,

Second Bonnie, the guitarist of a blue hue.

Third Chica, she gave a bit of a shove,

Then Foxy, the captain of pirate cove.

The deed is done, and I pack up.

But I hear something, and my heart stops.

It cannot be… it simply cannot!

It is an apparition of the first child whose life I stopped!

Four more appear at the door, blocking my escape.

But I have to find somewhere to hide, before it is too late!

Just when I think it is over for sure,

I see an original spring bonnie suit on the floor!

I dash to the suit, crank it open, step inside.

Now those dumb kids can’t get me if they tried!

I laugh triumphantly, and hear a snap.

The locks burst open, the robot parts shoot back.

I hurt everywhere… from within the suit I am bleeding out.

“Make it all stop!” I want to shout.

Shaking, I look up, and the spirits disappear.

You can’t leave me! I am still here.

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