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    Oh, this is funny..

    July 14, 2015 by Enderspring

    FNAF4 trailer is already out, release date is early?! SCOTT, TAKE YOUR TIME! GOD YOU ARE SO STUPID FDNFTYRGFGYJHT ~ Everybody ever.

    Say, take a look at it this way:

    You are scott cawthon, you are working on the 4th game in the series, but, theres a problem, you are apparently not giving your fans what they want, from your perspective, its been so long and they haven't seen a sign of gameplay, a little look at the game, but they know the concept, you decide to try and calm your fanbase down and get them a little hyped, so you can work on the game without having the fanbase hungry for a trailer or atleast something.

    You would say its coming next week, but then you realize, the trailer looks good enough, I just have to add some finishing touches…

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  • Enderspring

    Another theory.

    July 3, 2015 by Enderspring

    This theory isn't about the game itself, but the connection and inspiration from his previous game, the desolate hope.

    In the desolate hope, it has a pretty confusing story, there is this one robot however thats deactivated, and supposed to never be activated again, it malfunctioned and froze in a cold room.

    But, don't worry, I'm getting to the good part... here, have a picture.

    You can see the word in red "ERR".

    Now, Isn't that suspicious?

    In the FNAF3 minigames, whenever you try and go to the place purple freddy guy lured you to, it says "ERR" in red, and the purple guy dismantles you.

    The word "ERR" in red is on Amos.

    The word "ERR" in red is seen at the end of the minigames.

    Coincidence? I think not.

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  • Enderspring

    Well, no one missed me I think, time to do something.

    I have a pretty good theory I would say, concerning MatPat's theory, about Phone Guy being the killer.

    In the video, it is clearly said that Phone Guy is the killer.

    But theres a major flaw... wasn't he killed in Night 4 of FNAF1?

    And purple guy was killed in the spring bonnie suit... well, heres my theory.

    Possibly Phone Guy survived, if Golden Freddy screamed, that didn't mean he was dead, right? He could've ran out of the room, dodging the animatronics, eventually he hid in the safe room, where the animatronics couldn't get in, he held in there for the night, un-noticed, as he said in the phone call! when it became night again, the "purple freddy" lured the animatronics to the safe room, …

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