Hi ya! I'm dsin01.. You might see me a lot on here. Ok you Will see me on here a lot. I been on the wiki few days after fnaf2 came out. At the time..I had no all. Sooooooo this is basically a timeline of me on the wiki.and some stuff You may not know about me. 2014 I joined the wiki bla bla bla ect ect ect. My dad got sick by July..then things happend...some bad things. My dads mom(calling her grandma 2 you'll see why things might get confusing.) came over a lot.. My dad went to a hosbital....I became a brony...ect...ect...ect./he if you saw that here's why: I was watching swbf3 videos/and FNaF and those mlp stuff kept popping up...annoying me. So I gave in and taped one. And long story short. I liked it./ Then my dad came home.. Everything fine..right? No. Few months later on my dad started not acting that...I mean..confused. Like he was before but...worst. He had brain damage. He kept us up at night..and that's where I learned most cuss words...and from my friend..he he.. One day (few days after Christmas) my moms mom (calling grandma 1.) said we need to go check on my dad..I complained that everything is fine! Nothing's wrong! He's asleep! Well I jinxed myself there. We walked in everything I got from Christmas..sticky-by some liquid- and on the floor. My dad was in the computer room. His weel chair,walker all on the floor. He was standing up. My dad told my grandma 1 to get the touch out..she didn't have one..(who has touches anymore?!?!) so we called my mom to come home..later I went to sleep at my grandma 1 after my dad got confused again. So the next day I woke up. My grandma 1 said to my dad was in the hosbital...again. Missing New Years and the super bowl. For 2 months my dad was moving from place to place. Rehab center to rehab center. Only one worked. Then he was moved to our tiny towns rehab center...right behind a place I never thought I would enter..anyway one day I came home from school..saw a new teaser on Scott's's all in your mind. Then I found out that there was live streams-by youtubers playing the demo. So I watched one on twitch. (Scott gave that guy money and so did Wwwwario.) my mom came home. And said we had to go see my dad at the rehab center. I was watching the live stream on my computer,while on the wiki. So I took my phone. Me and my mom and my grandma 1 went there..I was watching the live stream on my phone. Then we pulled in when my other grandma and my grandpa pulled in too. (My other grandpa died when I was younger..when I was I never knew him well..) we saw my dad...I was really wanting to watch the live stream. We went to the lunge..with this dog walking around everywhere. This place my dad was at..he was placed on the wrong side..for the...people who are always confused. So he was moved. So everyone was siting down. I was watching the live stream,then it ended. So I went to fnaf3 stream greenlight page.."game relased in 5..." I saw.. I taped. Read it. Was shocked. I wanted to rush home. And then we left.. It said 4 then..then we got into our's dark out. Then it says 3..when I start seeing flashing lights an ambling was behind us. Trapped us. (We live in a plat.) so I got home...every fastly reload the page on my computer. 2.... 1..... relased.all that day pictures from the live stream was being posted. Well.i got the game the next day..loved it. Before that day my dad had his 50th birthday the rehab. No where close to our town.

About a week after FNaF 3 came out my dad came home, my grandma 2 came over a him food. One Saturday I went shopping with my grandma 2 my mom and my little cusion. Instead of going shopping with my ant and my other grandma 1. We went to rid this place where they got e just for e cigs.(smokings bad. Don't do it.) I got this Star Wars rebels cusion got this..fat...owl.. Plush. With big...fat Googly eyes. Below that on the shelves..I saw mlp plushies..I wanted one just to have..but I said meh. One day me my dad my grandmas 1 and 2 was there.."I feel better than I ever had!" Grandma 2 said that day. The next day..she was In The hosbital.

She had a bad heart attack that night. She couldn't breath. I thought something was odd..cause the day before we started reading hatchet in school. The poilt in the book died from a heart attack...I surely didn't want to have the same ending.

One week later. The week of Easter...wasn't a happy week..but a week of much much. Many people at my ants work family's was dieing. My grandma 1 sister.. (I haven't seen her in a long time..) she wasn't doing good..she was fighting it..what ever it was... She was sick..and old. He had memory lose..can set too..I think. She wasn't doing good. She lost the fight. During that week of death she died.

Even my grandma 2 was storng..and was fighting it too.. But they said that her leg didn't have much blood in it so they had to cut it off..they had to form a thingy but she was too weak for they kept delaying it. Then..on Saturday before Easter...I was looking for the new MLP season 5 permier... (Called "Cutie map") everything was turning out great. Things was going good. Quite good. Things was going good for my grandma 2! She might be able to go home soon! Then the next day...everything started dropping. She was dieing. She tLked to my dad on Easter..saying they loved them...and all..later that night. My dad said she died. She was gone...this week of death ended in a sad way. She died on Easter Sunday.

Spring break was here! Sadly I didn't get to spend much time playing video games..sense my grandma 2 was family was looking though her stuff. They found so I was there at my passed away grandmas..looking though mostly black and white pictures. With lots of my family there. (About 0.3%) I was being hug to death by my cusion.. (Not really bEing killed by it...) Friday was the viewing..over 100 people all family and close friends was there. Many many many people I didn't even know! All family. They had all the pictures on these 3 poster boards..they was all covered with pictures. They had videos playing of sOme of the pictures. They had her In the thingy open... She looked so diffent. So sad. "Heaven has a new angle" is what it said on the top.. With way more than 100 people there and a tiny baby crying and runing around..we spent all day there. All day.

The next day was the funeral. On tuseday we went shopping for chlose that I wore to the viewing and furnal. Anyway we went to a church...they had my grandma in the same thing..playing music. With that video playing. The prest talked. Then the grand kids...I couldn't. I didn't. I was also looking forward for the new mlp that came on that night...but I was every sad. We later went to the grave. We had flags on our cars we road in a storage line. People pulled over.we had tons following..all family. We had tons of balloons. We let them go. Into the sky's..into space..... Then they had to rush someone else to the hosbital cause there brother was dieing. I got pictures,videos...after all this..I wondered.. Why was there so much death...why was so many people dieing on Easter week? Why?...I never found out.

Then some sad stuff hapened to my friends. There. Mom was driving..hit a kid riding a bike.killed the kid. This was about a week before the last day of school. It was on the news a lot.

Today was our last day of school. Last Friday we went to Ohio caverns for a fild trip.i took 232 pictures. Then on tuseday we went bowling and watched a movie. We had to watch big hero 6 cause the movie that was playing was rated R. And where only in the 6th grade. So well there. That raps some stuff up. If anyone got any quistons ask. If you want to meet me on stuff her ha go: Star Wars the clone wars adventures online (CWA):Jay legoninjago (game called March 31st 2014 Minecraft: Jay_legoninjago (use to find my skin :P) Roblox: davey0310 Other wikis you may see me on: super trooper wiki (cwa).FNaF wiki.fnaw/fnati wikis.mlp wiki If you want to learn more about my CWA story..ask. It's pretty long but I find it a non boring one.. So see ya later. Sorry for typeos or adios corrects..i made this with ipad. Sooooo on another thing..who's ready for FNaF 4?

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