blender is a 3d modeling progrem. it is free. hard to use but easy to learn. i know its easyest to learn with looking and reading pictures! so i set up 11 pictures for you to read and learn for each lesson!

Lesson 1: how to add and edit rigs!Edit

to see the pictures fully go here: pt02cuM.png

This is a Minecraft steve rig. im going to be using this rig for this lesson to make it easyer.


Most rigs are  Blend files...that means they are every easy to open...sadly some rigs are like rar...or 7z like this rig (this link leds to devent art.) a 7z file rig that was posted on devant art. rar and 7 files cant be open as easy as a zip or blend file can...they have to exported as a zip or other files. that takes a lot longer to do than opening a simple blend file 


you first start out like this when opening a rig. you need to know blender basics before hand. this will be in lesson 2. this was a requested one. If the rig looks weird or untextured dont worry. when you render will be fine.




i went ahead and made it...look weird.




Those pannels over top makes the face move like...dose stuff to the eyes and mouth...most rigs work diffently and have bones instead of those most minecraft rigs use those. there every simple to use.



and will ya look at that your done!

Lesson 2:  Blender Basics.Edit

sence i had some big pictures instead of posting them i'll just post the imgur link to the aulbum.


But this is lesson 2 cover :P


Lesson 3:cool stuff! (like,glass stuff,mirrors...and stuff like that.)

Here it is:



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