Says today's modern people.

Hello! Drawkill Freddy Here! What they don't realize, moslty because they think FNaF is terrible, is that there's a 4th game coming out. So, is it terrible? There's a 4th game coming out, so the answer is NO. It's a great game if it's gotten to this. Some of you may not know, but Scott Cawthon, the creator of FNaF(which everyone knows), commented on a Fan-Mod for FNaF 3, saying "People have been wanting to know if I'm okay with this. In fairness, I should've commented a while ago, but I've been very busy. ;) My only requierment for this is that it's labeled as a mod for FNaF 3, and it looks like the creator is doing just that! I can't wait for when it actually releases!" Wait...did you see that? 'I've been very busy. ;) '   'very busy. ;) '   ' ;) '  0.0 A wink emoticon!!! In case some are still stuck, whenever Scott has used that emoticon, it was a symbol of something new coming to FNaF. And that "something new" has almost always been a new game. That's proof for you right there. Another thing I want to talk to you about is why people think it's terrible. And no, it's not because they're scared of it. At least, not all the time. It's because they're sad. Why are they sad? They're sad because they think FNaF is over, R.I.P. FNaF, what's the point of having anything related to it, even a wiki? I put that last one there as a sign. Pretty much anywhere I go on YouTube that has FNaF as its topic, I've seen the haters. Not only have I heard it on YouTube, I've heard it in real life. "Noone wants to talk about FNaF right now" is what I hear from one of my friends whenever I try to talk about it to someone. Even if it's not him. It's spreading. It could spread onto this very wiki. We might get editors who are haters, and they might make an account just to edit this wiki and replace almost everything with one page: "FNaF is [bleeb]ing terrible". I'm guessing it would say something along the lines of: "This wiki has been replaced with this page because it's the worst game anyone could even play. It's worse than Roblox, which is worse than Minecraft. The Wikia employees have been notified of this terrible wiki, and it will be removed soon." And for the record, it would not get deleted, so don't worry. And, yes, there is hate on Roblox and Minecraft, as well. Despite the facts that they're both getting updates to make it better, and they're even getting better builder's, there's hate. Anyway, I'm straying off the path. I think the Hat image, before it became "the Spotlight image", was meant to resemble something. The spotlight was probably to resemble what we have forgotten from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza over the last 30 years. The hat was from the first Freddy Fazbear's. The one before FNaF 2, but after Fredbear's. I bolded the "after" because everytime I say the restaurant before FNaF 2, people think I mean Fredbear's Family Diner, even though in FNaF 2, the Phone Guy says "Hello, and welcome, to the new, and improved, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza." Didn't he just say new and improved Freddy Fazbear's? The "new", combined with the "improved", means that there was a Fazbear's before FNaF 2. Anyway, The hat disappearing meant that we were going to remember the hat. We were going to see it. Again. And by "again", I mean we've seen it before, obviously, on Dismantled Freddy Fazbear in FNaF 2.

WOW, that was longer than I intended. Yes, I do know other people have already done a Missing Hat theory, I just wanted to share my own. My idea was just a theory. And, BTW, you may have known a user by the name of "I don't play the game. I just look at the wiki." Yeah, uh, That guy won't be used very often anymore. How do I know? Because I am him. So yeah, you may have remembered my by that account.

See you soon. Maybe. Alright, let me rephrase that. See you either when I decide to make a new blog or when I reply to a comment, discussion, or blog!

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