My Second Day At Freddy's

Chapter 2Edit

Opening The Gates

I was there,in that security office.

i get a call. 


"Hey dude! first day at the pizzeria! yeah..uh,listen,i got some instructions and some bad news."


"Lets start with the bad news."

-Phone Guy-

"Call me phone guy bro.whatever,those animatronics on the show stage? The quiet one's?"



-Phone Guy-

"They may stuff you into a Freddy suit..and kill you."


"What!!?? you didnt tell me anything about assasin machines!!"

-Phone Guy-

"Calm down! its ok! first nights are easy because they have lower diffic-"


"NO! Shut up! you b4stard! i dont trust you!"

the phone call ended. i was very angry to listen.the phone call distracted me

i turned on the light at the door,there was Bonnie.

i closed the door fast. i was scared,but i was saved by the 6 AM alarm..

May i survive the next night? i dont think so.


Spring Advanced Trap System

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