• DrawkillPhantomMangle

    My Second Day At Freddy's

    Opening The Gates

    I was there,in that security office.

    i get a call. 


    "Hey dude! first day at the pizzeria! yeah..uh,listen,i got some instructions and some bad news."


    "Lets start with the bad news."

    -Phone Guy-

    "Call me phone guy bro.whatever,those animatronics on the show stage? The quiet one's?"



    -Phone Guy-

    "They may stuff you into a Freddy suit..and kill you."


    "What!!?? you didnt tell me anything about assasin machines!!"

    -Phone Guy-

    "Calm down! its ok! first nights are easy because they have lower diffic-"


    "NO! Shut up! you b4stard! i dont trust you!"

    the phone call ended. i was very angry to listen.the phone call distracted me

    i turned on the light at the door,there was Bonnie.

    i close…

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  • DrawkillPhantomMangle

    My First Day At Freddy's

    "Nice Surprise"

    My name is Mike Schmidt.and  THIS. is my story

    a cloudy day,i was in my home,with my mother.

    life was easy,until..

    *RING!* *RING!*

    "Hey! is this..Mike..Schmidt?"


    "We are searching for night guards at the Freddy's Pizzeria! And we were asking if you would be interested"

    "A Job!? thats great! of course im interested,when do i start?

    "Lets see...In monday at 12 AM,what you think?"

    "Alriaght. Seeya in monday then"

    "Good luck."

    My mother,look at me and said

    ​Mother:Listen son,i know this job is great,but...ive heard a rumor about the
    ​Murder of 4 little child's. i have a bad feeling about it...​

    I told her i will be ok.


    Opening The Gates

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