Hey, look at that. My first blog.

Anyways, as the title says, I'm stressed out. Not just a little bit. With everything. I can't handle anymore of it. You may be thinking, "No Drastic! Don't commit suicide!" Well, I'm not. I'm just gonna be posting a lot less often. I'll come back during the summer. I just need time to inhale.

Most of you are my real friends. Shoutout goes to LinkMarioKirby and ButterThatFlies to being the first I interacted with here.

Also, yes, I still will be writing things and browsing the chat and everything. And yes, I will return on the weekends.

I'm just not feeling okay, I'm rapidly feeling worse. I hope you understand.

Edit: I don't wanna play God's cruel game anymore. It's too much to handle. I do not. I simply don't.

Edit 2: It's getting worse and worse. TheKrazyStew just left, but shoutout to him for being an extremely awesome guy.

Edit 3: It's gotten better, but it's gonna sweep over me again. I wish to be relaxed and floating around.

Edit 4: I need an asylum. I'm enjoying bad things. I need help.

Edit 5: I don't know. I may leave Wikia, because no one wants me here.

Edit 6: Shame, shame, shame. So full of shame. I was in the ER yestarday.

Sometimes I don't wanna be here.

EDIT 7: Things have gotten a lot better, so I guess this blog ends for now.

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