So, I've decided to try and match the times on the wiki to eras. It's still a WIP, so help is accepted.

Dawn of The Wiki

The first era on this wiki. A young, new land has risen from the ashes of an older one. An experienced specimen called the Vernanonix is the first one to set foot on the ground. He sets templates and begins to get the land into shape. In order to inhabit the place faster, the wild Vernanonix appoints the NightmareIris to be his first admin and enforce the law around the place. Sources of socialization come to life.

Age of The Comments

This era is known for the long time it lasted. The anon species and the user species start inhabiting the new source of socialization, the comments. New stars start appearing, such as the Deadspaceguy117. He slowly marks his territory in the comments, sliding into other people's territory, socializing with them. Yours truly joins in the middle of this era, as a part of the anon species.

Age of Hype

An era of excitement. The first Five Nights at Freddy's 3 teaser is released, and the comments gain a sudden boost. This era short-lived, compared to its predecessor. Yours truly grows tired of being an anon specimen. He abandons his species and joins the user species, and starts to call himself the Didn'tMangleBeheadYou, "The DMBY" for short. The Deadspaceguy117 changes his name to the Lucarionite due to unknown reasons. At some point, things start falling down, leading to the next era.

Shutting Comments Down

The first tragic era on this wiki. The comments, the biggest source of socalization is shut down due to repetitive attacks on the land by vandal anon specimen. Specimen turn their eyes to the other socialization center, the chat, and it slowly gains more fame. After the tragic incident, the anon species is banished, and only registered species are allowed to perform actions.

Age of The Chat

After the shutdown of the comments, the other source of socialization, the chat, gains its boost. More and more specimen come by and talk. The admin species occassionally check on the center, and a new group of specimen, called the chat mods, is formed to enforce the center. Those who once starred as the comment legends become chat legends. The DMBY befriends three new specimen, one of them being a future part of the admin species. The center is quite shaky, and is being attacked from time to time. However, the chat mods manage to keep the situation at hand, preventing further damage. The DMBY gains the title of a "chat reviver".

Fall of The Chat

The wiki enters its second tragic era. The current main source of socialization is shut down, and the specimen who inhabit the land slowly leave it, abandoning it. Some of the admin specimen leave the place, leaving the head admin specimen, the Psychobilly, and her fellow admin specimen who decided to stay, to maintain the place.

The New Age of Admins

The current era on the wiki. At this point, most of the admin species has left the land. The Psychobilly appoints new, younger specimen to assist her. They are already experienced, although not as much as the Psychobilly, and are ready to enforce the law.

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