Wazzup? This is DMBY, and I'm here with the facts about the Mangle for those who want to argue about its gender, that might lead to a conclusion, I dunno.

Let's begin.

Foxy's CounterpartEdit

Fact one, and the most important about Mangle. It is Foxy's remake/counterpart, based on his design. This might be proof for the "Mangle is male" side of the fandoms, because since the other counterparts kept their original gender, and Foxy was male, it is safe to assume that Mangle is the same gender as Foxy, HOWEVER, it might be a mistake.

Messed UpEdit

That's very sad, because if Mangle wasn't that mangled, we could've found out its gender easily, as we could've just looked at its suit. Some people believe that the second head on Mangle means that it has both genders, HOWEVER, they are wrong. The head, along with the eye on it, are spare parts that the kids/staff put on it. 

Has Lipstick and Nail PolishEdit

Most of you probably think "Has lipstick? IT MUST BE FEMALE". But, you might be wrong, as you can see in this image:


This male ventriloquist dummy has lipstick, long eyelashes and rosy cheeks. Therefore, you can't automatically say "Lipstick = Female".

Same thing goes with the nail polish.

Is in Ladies NightEdit

Yes, it is, but it doesn't prove anything. The term "Ladies' Night" is used to refer to a night when special discounts are available to women, not when men are absent. Mangle could be just a balancer.

Is Referred As a "he" by Phone GuyEdit

As we all know, Phone Guy is a reliable source. Without him, we probably wouldn't have been able to deal with Foxy in FNaF and FNaF 2, or keep Puppet inside of the box, or even defending yourself. It is safe to assume that he wouldn't make a mistake, which could prove something about Mangle's gender.

The Most Likely Culprit for The Bite of '87 (Not related to the gender debate)Edit

Lots of people know why. 

I'm quoting from a thread I used to be a part of:

"Let's look at the other animatronics, first.

Balloon Boy doesn't have a jaw. Toy Freddy and Toy Bonnie both have a nose to get in the way. Toy Chica can't bite crap unless it goes into her mouth. It can't be the old animatronics because they can't move from the Parts and Services Room.

Our only suspect is Mangle. Take a look at here, because it contains the GIF of the jumpscare. (here for the single frame we want you to look at) Sure, it looks like the lower jaw would get to the nose, but here's another bit. He can close his jaw, as well, aim for your frontal lobe, and just take it right off.

We did the math. Sure, the teeth are made of plastic, but the upper teeth are very sharp and the lower teeth are good enough to pierce the frontal lobe, and remove it. The Mangle can also remove his costume accessories. If the children can, he surely can."

Please be aware that the one who made the thread refers to Mangle as a guy. Don't hate on him for that.

I think that's it. Tell me if I missed anything!

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