I guys, just wanted to drop in real quick to see if you guys think that there is a hidden message in the new teaser like last time. It's incredibly hard to see, and I had to brighten and add a filter to it to make it more clear, but I still cannot seem to see anything that could be counted as a message. I kind of see a "G" in the middle, and what could be an "H" on the side, but I cannot be sure. It could also be nothing and I'm just being derpy XD Tell me what you guys think!

Thanks for reading! :3


EDIT: I looked at it again, and I can kind of make out what looks to be a full word! Once again, it's hard to see, but I can barely make out "TRAPPED" at the bottom! The scribbles above it could form to be another word or set of words, but all I can see for right now is TRAPPED.

EDIT 2: So...uhh...I was wrong. It actually says NIGHTMARE, not TRAPPED. I'm dissappointed lol

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