Well, I think my profile say I have my own AU and I do FNAF comics, but nobody reads it :/

(READ IT, don't call me ddef or other things)

So...let's start.

For now, I've done 4 comics, but may be 3, depending on how you count them.

1st day (A bit unnecessary)

1st night part 1 (You can start here)

1st night part 2 (In this appear the original animatronics)

2nd night (And in this appear the toys)

And now, let the record straight.

Is my AU, and that's a perfect excuse to do what I please.

Mangle and Puppet are females, because reasons.

In some parts will be things from some of the RPs, maybe, stay tuned.

And finally....a warning.

Everything inspires me, so be careful, maybe our adventures will etched in a comic.


Oh, I didn't say anything.

And remember.

Defi is love, Defi is life
— RNGesus

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