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  • My occupation is Gmodder, don't you know what is? Go to Google.
  • I am the Motherfucker.
  • Ddefinitivo58

    No, seriously, what the fuck just happened?

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  • Ddefinitivo58

    So, I was on Tumblr and blah, blah, blah.....I know what you want to see.

    Nightmare, pl0x

    Le source

    Plushtrap is sooooo cute :3

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  • Ddefinitivo58

    So, I have spent much time here....uh...let me check it....

    -checks piles of files-

    Yep, 3 months, 2000 edits.......IT'S NOT ENOUGH!!!

    Anyway, time to the acknowledgements.

    Fist of all, to all this community, no matter if you're a new or old fan, your presence here makes a game, which is interesting in itself, much more interesting.

    To all the people who have talking to me, you maybe don't know it, but before I be here, I was very bad with the English, isn't my native language and you can see it checking my old comics (I have to improve them). Now, I'm much better with the English, I still need a translator, but maybe in a few months, I'll be able to write without it, I hope so.

    And now, Users.

    To all my frends, for being awesome, and, in special, t…

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  • Ddefinitivo58

    Leave him alone, It's its ice cream, not yours.

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  • Ddefinitivo58

    And with this, I mean this.

    Is a podcast that I did for the /r/fnafb.

    Are 15 minutes, include Springtrap and Freddy, news section, interview section and 2 songs performed by the animatronics.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

    And remember.

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