My Gosh

This game

Dear Lordeh! I've never been this depressed about ANY game story ever since I played Rule Of Rose (Good game, check it out sometimes) but goodness!

Now then, knowing that the game JUST came out, I am...baffled, just utterly baffled to discover that there are ALREADY videos show casing all of the little easter eggs, and in such a short amount of time no less! Truly, this game has garnered QUITE the fanbase, and in good regards too :3

Scott, just...bless you for making this awesome trilogy.

Now other then all of that, I wanted to voice something that I've noticed about the game. According to the many videos and walkthroughs on youtube, we already know that-


-according to the final mini game on the last night, that the purple man has FINALLY been put to an end with a taste of his own medicine [aka: Springstrap]. However once you do beat the 5th night, and the mini game, you are then greeting to a screen of all the animatronic heads all pilled near eachother, however they're still on...indicating that the spirits are still there, trapped. Then after this, we then unlock the nightmare night (6th night). Then after beating THAT one, we then see a small little news clipping of the resteurant being burned down due to wirings and the like

Now this is all fine and dandy, means you completed the whole entire game, right? You got your two stars and the murderer has finally been kill-


Its not over, and this is where I want to voice my thoughts on the matter. You see, if there is a bad ending (again, the one you get if you beat the game), shouldn't there then be a good ending? After watching the long walkthrough session of FNAF3 [ ] it is revealed that there is actually MORE to the story!

Now then, with what the tutorial video talks about, it basically walks you through the steps as to unlocking the good ending, and thus completely beating the game. And how you unlock it is by means of specially hidden easter eggs throughout the many rooms you can view in the security camera. Some of you who may know these mini games would remember the balloon boy one, where you collect balloons, the chica mini game, mangle's quest, STAGE01, and so on and so fourth. Now, within these hidden games, there's hidden secrets within them as well! And in order to get the good ending, you MUST find these secrets, which comes to what I want to talk about with you all.

The puppet

Now one particular mini game (which can be accessed through the main security office) has you playing as a small figure (child possibly) with a mask on that looks eerily similar to the puppet. Now in this mini game, it seems your in a party, as there are multiple children sitting in chairs with various animal masks. Each table has a large cake on it, as well as more and more children sitting at these tables while you walk by. However at the very end of the path, there is but one small child, a crying one, without a mask huddled in the back infront of a table, but with no cake.

Now what I find very strange about this is that, when you play FNAF2, there is a mini game called GIVE CAKE where you play as freddy running around the small establishment giving cake to cranky little ones, all the while there is one outside of the building crying to himself. Soon after a purple car drives up near this child and (supposively) kills him. Now when comparing these two mini games, the GIVE CAKE and the party mini game in the 3rd, you'd see some similarities between the two, as both have a crying child, a multitude of kids having a party and eating cake, and lastly the crying child is isolated from everyone else.

I have reasons to believe that the puppet, one of the most creepy (in my opinion) ungodly looking piece of terror incarnate I have ever seen, is not as bad as we had originally assumed.

What do we know about him/her/it exackly?

We know that this thing is responsible for placing the spirits of the purple man victims inside the suits that they themselves were physically stuffed into, as seen in a mini game GIVE LIFE in the 2nd game, which tells us what kind of power it's capable of. Also, according to it's facial design, some may argue that it also resembles the crying child. And lastly, as far as what the game somewhat tells us, this thing has been around for quite awhile amongst the other animatronics.

Now from anyone's perspectives, we would all agree that this thing is most likely bad, as it not only TRAPPED innocent souls into robotic machines, but it is also aggressive once (in the 2nd game) his music box stops playing for long enough. Though I'd like to beg the differ on the puppet's alignment on whether it's good or evil.

I believe this thing, this very. Very. VERY. creepy looking thing is actually the savior of the children's souls, if not an angel actually

Now let me explain~

Lets say that you were one of the victims, a scared little child at the hands of the purple man, and whatever he does to you, it's unimaginable. He forcefully grabs you, taking your crying, panicked body and forcefully stuffs you into a robotic suit, filled with all types of sharp metal pieces, whiring, springs, whathaveyou. While being stuffed in, you could feel nothing but the utter pain that you are recieving, being forced against so much sharp things as they pierce your flesh, ripping parts of you all over as your life flashes before your very eyes. You are being murdered. And when it's all done, you'll never see your loved ones; your family, friends, your very innocence that is your childhood. Gone. And all because of this man. This evil, demonic man.

This is my own interpretation and personal head cannon, so I might be completely off when I say that I believe the puppet is a manifistation of all of their hatred, their lothful anger towards the purple man, their need for vengeance. He most likely came to because of this, and he put them into the animatronic by their will, so that they can personally put an end to this monster that took their lives. This could explain the animatronic's aggression towards many adults, as Phone Guy mentions to us on a night in the 2nd game, they do fine with other kids, but the adults...they just stare at them.

Another interpretation for the puppet could be that he IS the first victim, and his wrath and need for vengeance towards the purple man may have given him some forms of supernatural powers. And gathering the other victims, he intends to use them and fulfill all of their desires to put an end to the purple man

Now back to the 3rd game. Remember when I said that if there is a bad ending, there must be a good one? Well the good ending actually, in my opinion, has quite alot to do with the puppet. After getting two stars, you'll want to replay the game from the very beginning. When beating a night, you get to play as an animatronic and walk around the establishment as well as follow a "purple freddy". However if you searched good enough around the place, you'll find a hallway that seems to have certain things on the walls that change with each character you play as. These are clues that'll help you get the good ending, in the forms of other mini games.

Lets start off with Balloon Boy.

Now in his mini game, you just collect balloons, and poof! An exit. This is but one of the many secret mini games that you can discover, if you have a good enough eye to find. However, within each little mini game, there's even more secrets within these secrets. Such as with the balloon mini game, there's actually another area within this game that leads you to...a crying child.

As a matter of fact, each of the secret mini games has at least one crying child hidden within them, and (if you watched the video I provided) you can essentially give them a large piece of cake.

When you've given just about all of the crying children cake, you can go back to the mini game with the other kids having a party I mentioned, (I think its called HAPPY DAYS?). If you go all the way to the back of the establishment with that one single crying child in the corner, you'll find that each child you've given a cake to in the other mini games actually come over here, with a mask of each of their respective animatronic bodies they inhabit. Once all four have gathered here, you can then present a very large cake to the last crying child, which then suddenly wears a Golden Freddy mask. After this, they suddenly disappear, along with your character, all of them dropping their masks...along with your character.

In fact, when the character you play disappears and drops his mask, it then resembles that of the puppet.

Because of this, I strongely believe that the puppet, when putting all of the souls into machines, didn't do this to them with ill intentions, but rather, I believe the puppet did this so that they could all finally, as I had said before, gain vengeance. And once they do, the puppet then goes to the other children, gather them together, and give's them one last "party", the party that they never had, before finally moving on.


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