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  • I live in somewhere in South West London, England.
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Wikia contribution
  • I am male. Why would I want to name myself DargonKing101 if I was a girl?
  • DargonKing101

    I must now leave.

    November 13, 2014 by DargonKing101

    Because of our new leader of the wiki giving me a fucking lecture, I am leaving this wiki for a whole until something happens. I told him I suffer from depression, aspergers and insomnia, which is true. He calls me foolish and says I only want to be a Rollerback because of my devotion to the game.

    Well, guess what? I'm in a crappy state because of my devotion to this wiki. I am on the point of having to move in with my pissy parents because of my shitty job. I will not be posting ANYTHING for a while until a) I get a PROPER apology or b) My situation becomes increasingly better. I wouldn't go power-hungry with the title of Rollerback. I care about this wiki as if it was my own child.

    Goodbye, wiki. Try and apologise by contacting me at thegr…

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  • DargonKing101

    You guys will not believe how stressed, tired and broken down I am!

    I have stayed up for a LOT of time to complete FN@F 2 and guess what? I FINISHED NIGHT 7 ON ALL 20 MODE!!! IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE!!! I HAVENT SLEPT FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG!!

    Anyway, I just woke up a bit after a cold shower, so now I can post formally. After the full game was released, I played non-stop to complete the game and believe me, it was impossible! The time I put in is crazy. I don't believe it myself. I remember when I was about to hit 6AM and I was killed by Bonnie 1.0. The amount of times I came close to 6AM.

    Now I have completed it.

    This seems like an informal way to end this off, but I couldn't care less. Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria, YOU CAN SUCK MY BALLS!!! :3

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  • DargonKing101

    Happy Halloween

    October 25, 2014 by DargonKing101

    Happy Halloween, everyone.

    Ok, so it isn't EXACTLY Halloween yet, but to hell with it. This is the Five Nights at Freddy's wiki! Everyday is Halloween! Anyway, not much is needed to be said, but I have a special story that will be finished around 31st October. It revolves around Halloween at FFB (obviously -_-) and it might have some stuff that is 2sppoky4u.

    Have a good one!

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  • DargonKing101

    Things about FN@F 2

    October 23, 2014 by DargonKing101

    Note: I know this post seems irrelevant, but since I can't do anything to the rumours and theories page, blogs are the closest I can get.

    Ok, so after my UNGODLY LONG overseas trip has ended, I have returned to the wiki (of course no one remembers hella all about me) and I have to say, it's neat, it's informative and it's calm. Good job to Vern and the admins. I did, however catch a couple things about FN@F whilst away, so here it is.

    Only a couple things here...

    • I don't think a few people take this into consideration, but after the recently released "Game Theory" episode on FN@F, everyone thinks Mike is the killer. Wrong. Mike is most likely German. His surname suggests that. He couldn't of been the killer because their is some slightly goo…

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  • DargonKing101

    For those who don't have a computer and only an iPad (like me) and want to play Five Nights at Freddy's, Scott Cawthon has brought it to the App Store. Now you can play it on the bus, on a train or even when your hiding in your security office at Chuck E. Cheeses thinking that an anamatronics mouse will come to life. I played on my way back from Italy to help drown out the plane noises. But really, Scott should be given an award for this outstanding game AND bringing it to iOS. I don't know about the Google Play store, but it's safe to say we have Five Nights at Freddy's on our iPhones and iPads.


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