Name: Alex

Age: 13

IQ: 173

Weight:: 110 Pounds

Body type: Thin, Average height for his age, Pale-Skinned.

Accesories?: Requires Glasses.

Backstory: A Smart kid, Alex always loved to invent, He once Invented a Gun that shot cool air using a Nerf Gun as a base. Pretty useless but why not? He has skipped a total of 3 grades and every class he goes to is advanced. He is Scared of the ocean after An Incident.... Let's not say any more of that. His Dad left him, leaving him and his mom on their own. He managed to get a part time job Fixing Computers and that only furthered his IQ. Still, he has some Flaws. His young age makes him slightly Naive, A Child's Behaviors, stuff like that. He is an Absolute Wiz at anything Electricle. You name it, he can Mod it, Repair it or upgrade it. Alex, Boy Geinus.

(Sorry for any spelling errors if I made Them.)

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