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Freddy Fazbear was originally going to be a badger, but Scott chose a bear instead because he saw Markiplier play FNaF 2 on his channel and said "man, it would be much cooler if it was a bear, it worked so well in fnaf2" so he made freddy a bear

Bonnie the bunny was originally going to be female but Scott changed the gender at the last second to prevent confusion, this is why the name is Bonnie yet the character is male

Theres a secret ending in FNaF 1 that was undiscovered until years later, if you are on the last night of the game and you win just after the power runs out, you get a different end screen with a new paycheck, revealing a full date, a different name and a large amount of money, plus loads of easter eggs

Foxy the pirate is such a loved character, and no hes not overated he is just really cute and deserves love

He is actually so cute that Scott himself has admitted that after putting Foxy in the game, he fell in love with him and actually supports all the foxy hentai that is drawn

Twilight Sparkle was going to guest star in FNaF2 but ended up being cut because she was too scared to be near the animatronics

Chica is actually a duck, not a chicken, this is confirmed in FNaF2 because Toy Chica can remove her beak, something all ducks can do in real life

The tune that Freddy plays in FNaF1 was originally going to be The FNaF song by The Living Tombstone, but was cut because Scott was eating breakfast

A recurring theme in the FNaF games is that they take place in an office.

FNaF has been confirmed for release on the Sega Saturn

Scott stated in an interview with BoopADoopWeInterviewPeople®, that The 5 Nights At Freddies® game franchise® is inspired by the 1997 Goosebumps® book classic, Toy® Te®®o®: Batteries Included®©®©™

Scott stated, and I quote

"I like-a-de gussabumpa, isa gud book"

Scott had a huge salami at the time of the interview and swallowed it whole like a snake

Did you know, Springtrap was rumored about at the time of the third games trailer, when no official name was revealed, names like Golden Bonnie and Hybrid were given, but before he was called springtrap, his original name was going to be Kevin

Scott Cawthons middle name is the entire wikipedia article for Five Nights At Freddy's

There is a canon ship in the FNaF universe, its not Fangle or Foxica

The only canon ship in the FNaF universe according to Scott Cawthon himself is Phone Guy X Purple Guy

They have a complicated relationship, Phone Guy really cares for Purple Guy and wants to help him while Phone Guy tries to block out the world and be alone but deep down he really wants Phone Guys love and loves him dearly.

Purple Guy is purple because of time constraints in FNaF2s development

His original color was aquamarine

Phone Guys favourite food is figs

Apple Juice does not exist in the FNaF universe

Freddy Fazbears Pizza is just a really bad pizza place

Like their actual pizza I mean, its just gross pizza, its not even worth going for, it smells bad, the cheese gets everywhere, the crust is hard as a rock and the toppings are rotten

Don't eat pizza from there, not a fact, just honest advice.

There was originally going to be a 6th animatronic in FNaF1, it was a rat named skipper who loved cheeseburgers

But Scott realized this is a pizza restaurant and didn't put Skipper in the game

He may never make a Freddy Fazbears Burgers restaurant in the canon

Skipper's model has been on Scotts computer ever since and just waits there

Skipper is a tall animatronic anthro rat with a top hat who likes to chat and is kind of fat, he carries around a magic wand and would have been a magician who had his own animatronic magic show, he would of had his own burger on the menu called the Skipper Special, A cheeseburger with 4 kinds of cheese, juicy onions, pulled pork, 2 beef patties and a spicy secret sauce

Rip skipper - never got to be in the game.

Donkey Kong was supposed to appear in FNaF3 as a cameo in a secret night but he was going through issues with crack-cocaine and couldn't appear

This is why we haven't seen any new Donkey Kong titles

Scott Cawthon named Freddy Fazbear after the 1821 french poet of the same name

The french poet Freddy Fazbear once got into a violent argument with Pierre Claude Von FrenchName about whos poetry was superior and meaningful

After heavy disagreement turned to violent insults, the french poet Freddy Fazbear looked at Pierre and yelled a rather mean insult

Witnesses of the argument explain that he very clearly said to Pierre, and I quote

"I hope you die in a fire!"

The newspaper article at the beginning of FNaF1 was actually a real newspaper headline that Scott put into newspapers by breaking into the newspaper factory and inserting it in, sort of a teaser or promotion if you will, for FNaF

Scott was never caught and is still breaking into newspaper factories to this day to make the newspapers for his games, however the rise in popularity has made these newspapers quite valueable and are now official FNaF merch.

Bonnie is actually based on Tony The Tiger.

Foxy's singing in FNaF1 is actually just Foxy on the toilet taking a small break from FNaFing

Thats all the facts for today

All of these are true

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