As the title implies, this blog is about my OPINIONS on the Five Nights at Freddy's Franchise. I don't want to cause any upsets, so please understand that before saying anything negative. Thank you.

When I originally saw videos on Five Nights at Freddy's on YouTube around..August of 2014, I was intrigued at the concept of animatronics somehow coming to life, while you, a security guard, must fend them off for 6 hours, for, 5 days, to save your life, basically. I thought the game was a good step in the right direction for Indie horror games, and horror games in general, I enjoyed it.

However, when I quickly heard news of a sequel being in development, I was skeptical. "This soon?" I thought, I didn't quite know how a sequel to something like the first game would make sense. And then I saw how so many people were so into the franchise, creating so many odd theories about so many things. I was worried this "sequel" wouldn't capture what the first game did so well, and when I learned of a planned release date in 2015, I knew that the creator at least realized that he would need time to make a game just as good as the first one. And then he releases it in November of 2014, just around 3 months after the first game came out. Oh look, more characters, whoopie. It felt very rushed to me.

The simplistic yet fascinating storyline of the first game is made even more cryptic, as apparently THIS game, is a prequel, but the animatronics have advanced technology and want to kill you, and they look worn down. I guess the "older animatronics" were redesigned for the first game..? The Bite of '87 and the specifics behind it, still remain a mystery, and unfortunately..pretty much do for the rest of the franchise. We don't know who caused it, or why it happened..There are mini games now that confuse me, some purple murdering dude, giving dead kid souls to the animatronics..THIS IS TOO COMPLEX FOR A PREQUEL. You aren't George Lucas, stop with all the character set-up if most of these guys won't appear in the "sequels"!

At this point...the franchise confused, and started to annoy me. I dropped out of it for a while, and then..A third game was announced. Here we go again. This time, it's a sequel, which animatronic, some ghosts of the other ones..and a LOT of minigames and specifics with the minigames..Oh and did I mention the game was released the same day as the demo was? Yea. About a month ago. In this game the main animatronic is the purple killing guy from the second game, in a suit..which is weird, and it's this animatronic we never knew about, but has apparently been there the whole time, and the guy used it to kill kids..

This felt again, rushed. An attempt to tie some loose ends, while leaving plenty unanswered, to make fans want more. And about a month later, we get news of a Five Nights at Freddy's Movie. That. Was. Quick.

In less than one year, around, 7-8 months after the first game was released, we have gotten a full trilogy of games, and the announcement of a movie. Not even one year has passed, people. Who knows what's next? And that's my problem with this franchise, done too much, too soon. Little room to change things drastically, to please the fans by giving them more of what they want..

Also this blog is being written at midnight, so please..I know it's not that consistent..but I am tired..

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