I totally forgot to give out my contact information. My Twitter is @ConstableHuxley. I don't tweet too often, but I'll probably respond to any tweets you tweet me. Tweet.

Okay, now, here's the Skype thing. I most likely will not do calls, but I don't mind talking to people through Skype messaging. Don't expect a response right away, I guess. I'm a busy boy. If you are sending me a contact request, it'd be yummy if you also gave me your Wiki username so I'm not just plopping on random strangers (like you guys aren't strangers). My Skype is Hux-Murray.

Release the kraken.

Also, if age is something you need to know for Skype, I'm over 13 but I'm younger than 21, hue hue hue (I give this out because some people don't want to talk to little kids, but some people don't want to talk to adults. I don't mind either way).

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