On my previous post there was a bloody bastard which completely underestimated my facts, and there wasn't enough space on the other one so k

"the new 'summer job' means of a job that is taken from university students while it's closed. also, phone guy was reading an introduction, they wouldn't just change the introduction, because of one damn season, jeremy knows what season they're on."

Phone Guy isn't a dumbass, it's a big assumption to say Jeremy was an university student. AND WHY WOULD PHONE GUY READ AN INTRODUCTION THAT WAS WRITTEN, LIKE, 4 MONTHS EARLIER????"

"well, he did die, you can clearly hear the deathscreen coming from GF, and if you die, why wouldn't phone guy? and if he is purple guy, he died from springtrap when the place closed."

The deathscreen is part of the animatronics voicebox. THE PURPLE GUY HAS A F**ING GUN. If the kid bitten in '87 survived, he SHOULD be fine.

"he is telling about a place left to rot, yes, but in the fnaf 2 place the bite of 87 happened in there, because phone guy talks about an incident, and in night 6 they're telling they're keeping the old models, with a lower budget, reminds you of anything? also in night 6 phone guy speaks of an incident, someone used a spare suit...

a spare suit... a spare suit...

oh right! the freddy suit! the one that was used to murder FIVE MISSING CHILDREN!"

IF FNAF2 WAS BEFORE THE MISSING CHILDREN ACCIDENT, WHY THE F**K DO ANIMATRONICS TRY TO KILL YOU??? The Bite of '87 happenned after the deaths of the missing children, therefore debunking your theory.

"also, to reinforce my theory, freddy isn't stealthy in fnaf 2, why? did he just suddenly forgot how to be stealthy? how to laugh and not to be watched? i remember that the restrooms there didn't have a camera either."

He is less stealthy because he was broken apart and since he only knew the previous pizza place well, He might encounter difficulties making new strategies for the new loctaion.

"Me: 2) I guess the puppet was controlling the animatronics. Golden Freddy was also destroyed by the Purple Guy, as seen on a rare screen.

Rebun: to counter-attack your point 2 coffee.

then why in the true ending the puppet leaves, as the rest of them?"

sigh* The Child you are playing as in Night 5 cutscene is not the puppet, but the Fifth Missing Child, as there are 4 souls surrounding him. Maybe The Puppet knew he was alive so he STILL stays until Purple Guy dies.

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