So...this is my theorie on the FNAF trilogie, following some other rumors, and things I found. Any facts will be in ( )s and/or italics

It starts like this (I will tell it in story form):

One day at Fredbear's Family Diner, Freddy was serving customers, when he noticed a kid crying outside (reason unknown). Freddy continued to serve kids, keeping up his pace, when a car appoched the diner, painted purple. A man, dressed in purple, steped out of the car with a knife. Freddy began to fight, trying to reach the kid, but he couldn't, his programing told him to feed the kids more cake. The man already had blood on him, so Freddy knew what was coming next, and he fought (If you look closely the Purple Dude and his Car have a tad bit of blood on them). The kid was stabbed in the side of the head, and died.

Thease two kids, the one murdered before and during "Take Cake to the Kids" when on to posses Springtrap and the Marionette (AKA The Puppet Master and/or Ringmaster)

Then, about a week later (I don't know how long so I said a week), Foxy whent out to see a birthay party. There were 3 kids, and one small one, with a sad expression. The kids cheered and Foxy when back to his cove. The next day the same small, sad kid was there, along with 5 others. Then, on the third day, an adult dressed in purple was sitting in the corner. Foxy assumed it was a supervisor and went out to greet the kids. There we're 4, happy ones (or would-be happy ones) and the sad one was still there...but they were...dead...

This was the murder of the five main animatronics, Foxy, Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy we're the happy ones, the sad outcast was Golden Freddy, as he isn't a hallusination. He is alway sitting in your office but Mike ignores him, but when GF sends him a sign in the from of the poster, he looks down and notices him, but he forgets about him as soon as the camera goes back up.

(Skip past FNAF2)

Then the bite of '87 happened (I'm following the "Two kids we're harmed and killed in '87" and "Mangle did it" theories) kid lost his/her frontal lobe and died in the hospital the next moring, and one was stabed by Mangle's hook when s/he lounched at the kid, the hook when back wards and hit a kid in the head, killing him.

Thease two dead kids when on the posses BB and Mangle


I already explained Golden Freddy. Foxy, Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy are self explanitory. Marionette sits behind the Backstage cam, along with the box of Toy parts. Magle and BB have turned into Phantom BB and Phantom Magle, and are with the Marionette (but they are still in animatronic form because they cannot esape their curse), and Springtrap is in the kitchen, hes the one making the banging noises.


The animatronics have been destroyed, making them Phantoms, other than Springtrap. Now onto the strange minigames (this is in between FNAF1 and FNAF2, so there are Toy Animatronics, but Mangle and BB are gone, with Foxy and FNAF1 building instead)

Toy Freddy was prefroming on stage, when a stange shadowy figure told Toy Freddy to follow him. Toy Freddy did.  The thing led him to  the west hall. In the wall words read "BB D T CLCK". Freddy followed him until he disapeeared. He heard kids crying in the room to the left of him, but when he tried to go in, his programing read "ERROR". Then a man dressed in Purple attacked him and dismatled him.

A clue as what to do to get the good ending

BB was collecting his balloons when he suddenly feel into the wall...down...down...untill he landed in a grey place. There were crying sithoettes of him and a dark tree, but he kept walking...he found a rainbow balloon...and then it was gone...

This magic balloon was one of the kid's balloon, and helps you get to the other kids...

Later Mangle was looking for some parts and trying not to be dismantled by a fat kid ( offence...) when she too fell though the wall. She landed in a area with charcoal black ground and blood red skies. A Marionette sits in front of her...crying...she walks past it and up some odd balloon platforms, and collets a cake

All the kids need to be freed is love and compassion, giving them cake is just that

BB was back to collecting balloons when he jumped into the wall again, but this time he landed on balloon platforms. He walks along them and finds a crying child. He gives the kid part of Mangle's cake. The kids eyes widen...and then he was gone like the balloon.

This was BB's soul, and his animatronic form has freed him

Then, the next day, Toy Bonnie, when to find Toy Freddy,following the shadow figure again, but where it said "BB D T CLCK" there were cupcakes, four of them.  He reached Toy Freddy's dismantled corpes and heard crying children, he tried to find them. The same ERROR happened, and soon Bonnie met the same fate...

Another clue...

Chica was collecting cupcakes for kids, she collected two, but when she went downstairs, she only saw two greedy kids who were on their knees for cupcakes. She ignored them. Then she found a real child who was upset, and gave her cake, and he disapeared

This was Mangle's soul, and Chica as an animatronic just freed her.

Then, Toy Chica went looking for two band mates, and once again, followed the shadow. The message on the wall read "395248" and then after Toy Chica also tried to save the kids, she met the same ERROR and the same fate...

The second-to-last clue, this one a keycode

Golden Freddy and Spring-Bonnie were preforming on-stage, or should I say, Spring-Bonnie was, Golden Fred was being ignored. He suddenly fell into the wall and moved back, until he was outside. He continued his search for somthing, what is was, he didn't know. Then he saw it. A child. Goldie gave the kid cake, and then the kid faded away.

That kid was Springtrap/Spring-Bonnie's soul, and GF just freed it

Foxy stopped hearing the band preforming, and went to look for them. In the west hall the code wan't a code at all, it was just a dark, Bonnie-shaped figure. When Foxy saw his animatronic buddys lying on the ground, and the crying kids, he too met the same, dismantled fate.

Another clue

Note: This is A modle of Foxy, not the one that was possesed, thats why he encountered the ERROR

Note 2: It's not Mangle, she was scrapped after the Bite of '87

Golden Freddy and Spring-Bonnie were preforming again, but this time, a figure stood behind them. It was Shadow Bonnie. Shadow warped from animatronic to animatronic,  until he found BB. BB pointed to the wall, and Shadow jumped into, and past it. Outside the room, after warping, he too gave a kid cake.

You may have noticed if you played this game that this kid is not the regular grey color, hes black, hes a shadow. Shadow Bonnie is the Puppet Master's messanger,and he has been relived of duty. (Not a potty joke :P)

The Puppet was at a birthday party, to finish the job. He finnaly found them. The souls of Foxy, Bonnie, Chica, Freddy, and Golden Freddy. He gave them all cake, and they, along with the puppet, disapeared.

He finshed it, they are free

Now onto somthing diffrent, why do they kill you if they want you to help them. Becasue you won't, and if you won't help them, then you can't know they are possedsinmg the animatronics, to they kill you. Exept Foxy in the first game, he only checks in, but he gives you a heart attack. Springtrap in the thrid game is sizing you up, seeing if your fit for the task of freeing the souls.

And now for the last thing, the secrect eyeless screens and the "Spring ripping his head off" screens. The eyeless ones are messages from the puppet saying "This is what we are...usless empty shells" and the Spring ripping off his head...well we all know that Purple Guy is inside Springtrap, but so is the soul of the kid. So Spring's soul is trying to force PG's body out, saying "Get your Body out of my Soul"

So what do you guys think? Is this good? Is your mind blow? Should I do more? Leave a comment and let me know!


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