• Chica1000

    The life of a robof

    March 19, 2015 by Chica1000

    Once in freddy fazbears pizza a happy place to be the little kids were playing while the parents were drinking tea,one day a kid annoyed a anamatronic and suddenly bit the kid on the frontal lobe and that was called the bite of 87',on the night of the sucurity guards job the phone guy mentioned "they used to be allowed to walk around during the day to,but then there was the bite of 87'" he was suprised to hear that,at 5am the power ran out then freddys face glowed in the dark left door,what shoud he do!shoud he run out the right door!shoud he hide!shoud he let freddy kill him!soon he decided to go out of the right door,but he remembered it was pitch black out side,but no! He can't regret this escape! But soon Chica was in his way! He didn…

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