• Cheeto Puppeteer

    1. Foxy goes to you when you don't check on him because he thinks your dead. FALSE: When you die, your in the Backstage, not the Office.

    2. His voice malfunctions giving the player a heart attack. FALSE: Foxys death screech is the same as the others (except Golden Freddy) unless your telling me the other animatronics have broken voices, this is false.

    3. The reason Foxy is isolated from the others is because the others hate him for being good. FALSE: If the left door is down because of Bonnie and he comes, Bonnie makes no atempt to stop Foxy.

    4. He use to be bad, but than the Bite of 87 happened. FALSE: We do not know who did the bite, and the animatronics have killed before, so would they let one more victim get in the way of killing?

    5. In F…

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  • Cheeto Puppeteer

    Doesn't it strike you odd that out of everything Scott could have picked, he picked a puppet-like character? My guess is that the Puppet is somehow using the toy animatronics in the 2nd game (the ones that might not have dead kids in them) and controling their bodies like a puppeteer. Why do they fall for the Freddy mask? Because without that mechanic, the game wouldn't be so hard? Now I'm doubting myself.

    But tell me why you think the Puppet is a Puppet, or is even existing, in the game down in the comments if you have any.

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  • Cheeto Puppeteer

    I'll kick it off with a few of mine:

    How does music stop a puppet from killing the player?

    What is JJ doing under the desk?

    BB. Just WHY?

    Can the animatronics really not figure out your not Freddy in FNAF 2?

    Who killed Phone Guy?

    How does flashing Foxy repel him?

    Why does Springtrap keep falling for the same trick?

    Why do people still believe (insert debunkable theory that I'm not putting in because people that think other wise will barrade me with idiocy) is true?

    What questions do you have? Leave them down below!

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  • Cheeto Puppeteer

    NOTE: I am not making fun of the game, I'm just poking fun at stuff that Scott put into the game that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    Setting: FNAF 2, Toy Bonnie and Chica are looking at the security guard (he/she has the mask on).

    Bonnie: Welp, good enough for me.

    Chica: Huh, never knew there were 5 Freddys. (Both leave)

    Withered Foxy: Idiots, it's obviously a security guard with a freddy mas- (sudden bright light)


    Meanwhile, at the Prize Corner...

    Puppet: I'm gunna stuff that guard into a freddy suit and- (cue music box).

    What was I saying? Probaly that I should take a nap. (crawls back into box).

    Alright, that's mine, but what's yours? Leave it down below, or not, it's a free country.

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