(This one meme inspired this)

Freddy: (In the doorway)

F is for Freddy's coming to get you!

U is you are screwed!

N is nowhere you can hide at all! (All animatronics appear) TRAPPED HERE IN THE OLD FREDDY'S

Foxy: Now, Ye sing Mike.

Mike: Okay...

F Is for fleeing and living!

U Is for You will live!

N Is for no one will kill you! Here in the old Freddy's!

Bonnie: No, No, No. You're singing it all wrong!

Chica: All together!

Mike: (realizes it's 5:59 am) Okay.


F Is for Freddy's coming to get you!

U Is for you are screwed!

N Is for nowhere you can hide at all, trapped here in the old Freddy's!

(Clock strikes 6:00)

Mike: Woo Hoo!

(So if you liked this leave a comment and your own F.U.N. Song parody!)

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