So today I want to talk about the animatronics, and the events that went to their hauntings.

So according to MatPat, AKA Game theory (And this adds up with the mini game 'Give gifts give life'

The Animatronics weren't stuffed into the suits by Purple Guy, but we're stuffed into them to 'give them life'  Via the Puppet.

But stuffed into what exactly? the suits?

I don't think so.

I think they were stuffed into the animatronics themselves!

Now yes I know that would be physically impossible,

But we now know they weren't stuffed into the suits via traditional means, but by the Puppet.

As we know, The Puppet is the most overtly paranormal element of the series. (Besides the maybe real Golden Freddy)

It's not illogical to assume something paranormal could pull it off, 

Another reason for this evidence.

According to Game theory, (And I really believe this as well) the 5 children (and first child at Fredbear's) weren't the only children whose lives were taken, they're were at least 5 morre!

Now I find it hard to believe the toy animatronics aren't possessed, if there were 5 more children, just like they're are 5 more animatronics, in FNAF 2. (Not counting Puppet)

But this makes it possible for them to be possessed,

the only thing that had me confused about their possession, is Mangle.

If the kids were stuffed into the suits, how could Mangle have had a child stuffed inside her?

Mangle's Endoskeleton is showing, and if children ripped her apart, they likely would've discovered the child inside.

This also explains why the oozing wouldn't begin until FNAF 1, because the bodies were in the Endoskeletons, it would take them a long time to surface, it also adds to the 'reanimated carcass' claim in the Newspaper, and could potentially the skull in the spare parts room in the mini games in FNAF 3. (Which might just have been a Endoskeleton skull)

So what do you guys think about this theory? yes/no?

Do you believe the animatronics were stuffed in the suits? or the robots/

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